Business Takeaway: We all Learned Video Calls are a Game Changer

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Ron Karr is a Leadership and Influence Expert who presents to organizations worldwide and coaches CEO’s and Leadership Teams. He is the creator of the Velocity Mindset® and author of the CEO Bestselling Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way.


What Ron Karr Can Say in an Interview:

  • Video conversations have been a game-changer.  This will change how business gets done moving forward.
  • People won’t have to travel as much and will continue to have virtual meetings because they are fast, efficient, easy, and get the job done.
  • While many businesses are just now getting introduced to virtual meetings, my clients have been using Zoom for years on the sales side as a way to improve their closing ratio.
  • By presenting their proposals via video calls, they’ve been able to increase their chances of closing deals, add velocity, and close the deals faster.
  • So what should you be doing to close more deals faster in today’s crisis? 
  • Typically, when people send a proposal or document to a prospect, people go right to the price. Now, when people use zoom, they can control going through the proposal on screen share.
  • Using video gives you control.
  • You can watch the other person’s visual cues.
  • It leads to a collaborative approach.  We can collaborate on the best approach.
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