Don’t Accidentally Disinherit Your Children

Available for Interviews: Glenn Matecun.

Glenn Metecun, CELA, is certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation. Interview Glenn to learn the great options that are out there on estate planning for second marriages:

  • If you do not plan the right way, you might accidentally disinherit your children.
  • We see, on a regular basis, one spouse dies and the other’s kids evict the surviving step-parent from the home.
  • Even if you intend to leave your spouse out of your will or trust, they have rights under state law to your assets.
  • If you don’t plan, the last remaining spouse decides where all the assets go.
  • Good news! There are some great options to plan for both your spouse and yourself. 


Interviews: Glenn Matecun.

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