A Gift Idea for Loved Ones Who May Be Struggling in the Coming Year

Available for Interviews: Jason Wolfe

Jason Wolfe is the CEO/Founder of GiftCards.com. Wolfe now runs GiftYa.com, an exciting, new way to send gifts to the people we care about. GiftYa is like Venmo of Gifting. Sending Gift Cards, are old, impersonal, and out-dated. Sending GiftYa by text is new, exciting, can be personalized, can never be lost, and wont lose value.

What Jason Wolfe can say in an interview on gifts for struggling loved ones:

      • With many people out of work due to COVID, family and friends may be struggling a bit financially. With the holiday season just about concluding, how can you help those near and dear financially who “don’t want handouts”? 
      • Send their gifts early in the form of “spending money” so that they can use it now for real day-to-day needs or to splurge a bit on gifts to make them feel better. 

      • So recipients do not feel as if they are receiving a handout, the most flexible way to help out is Giftya, a new digital gift giving platform that enables recipients to spend the money at their favorite store. You can personalize it with a photo, video or different colors, and the funds arrive on their phone in seconds. 
      • It is a cashless, contact-free solution that enables one to keep their loved ones safe during these uncertain times.
      • With hundreds of national and well-known and loved local merchants around the United States as members, recipients can switch retailers or opt for a Visa gift card if they’d prefer to shop elsewhere.

More About GiftYa

  • CEO Jason Wolfe is at it again, having launched and sold GiftCards.com, he’s now taking the gift card industry on another innovation journey from physical gift cards to virtual via GiftYa, the contact-less gift card. GiftYa is like Netflix circa 2007. The key trends driving the opportunity and evolution of the gift card model are:

Technology: available to everyone seamlessly on different devices; As digital payment services have become mainstream (i.e. Zelle, Apple Wallet, Venmo, etc.), and more people utilize online wallets instead of physical wallets, so too will they do so with the gifting and reward space—seeing the same ease of use and secure benefits in giving and receiving gift cards.

Convenience: Due to both COVID and convenience, people aren’t going out and shopping as much. People want comfort, convenience, and personalization where possible.

On demand: being able to send/receive a “monetary gift” anywhere and at anytime you want.

Thoughtful: not only used for sending money, but one can also create and share a personal gift that fits personal preferences of the recipient (not just the sender).

    • GiftYa makes “gifting” the most user-friendly, frictionless, and valuable gift-giving experience possible. 
    • It’s also a great way to support local business/retailers during challenging economic times due to COVID-19.
    • According to a recent survey, 71% of consumers are more interested in digital gift cards than other gifts. GiftYa makes so much sense in this current environment and our increasingly digital world. 

At GiftYa, their mission is to empower people to text a personalized gift in seconds, for any merchant, that never loses value, and cannot be lost or stolen. This enables people to show love in a faster, more beautiful and meaningful way. We have over 15,000 locations now and is growing.


Interview: Jason Wolfe

Jason Wolf is an entrepreneur. He Grew up in the Milton Hershey School (formerly defined as an ‘orphanage’), founded by Milton Hershey, one of America’s greatest Entrepreneurs. Alumnus of the year for Milton Hershey School in 2014. In his mid 20’s he was a self-taught programmer and created the first coupon website in 1995 and sold MyCoupons to Save.com in 2000. Wolfe went on to build Direct Response Technologies, Inc. which provided DirectTrack affiliate tracking technology and was sold to Digital River in 2006.

Then came GiftCards.com and OmniCard in 2008.  With 100+ employees and the #1 gift card site in the world, they sold over 10 million gift cards (value of over $1 billion). GiftCards.com and OmniCard was sold to Blackhawk Network in 2016.

Now razor focused on Wolfe, LLC, Jason Wolfe’s incubator company. They own in whole or in part Sentral, GoWonder, PerfectGift.com, GiftCardGranny, and Forever. GiftYa, our next generation in gifting solution, to solve the social issues with the broken gift card (crime, fraud), as well as making the shopping process convenient and safe amid the COVID pandemic.

Wolfe is currently Chairman of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, as well as on the board of Family Design Resources (adoption/foster service for needy children).

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