When Depression Comes Out as Anger: Causes and Solutions

Interview with Dr. Colleen Cira

Dr. Colleen Cira is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in Women and Trauma, and has worked with hundreds of people struggling with mental health issues for over twenty years.

Talking Points from Dr. Cira
On Anger & Depression:

Why do people suffering from depression often get angry?

  • Being depressed zaps our energy and makes everything seem harder, including thinking and feeling. Essentially, someone who is depressed has very limited emotional bandwidth.
  • If you’re low on energy and patience, everything is going to seem like a chore, including interacting with people. Every last bit of energy you do have is going inward, just trying to put one foot in front of another, so that’s a lot less energy you have to be kind, thoughtful, or empathic.

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Fitness Goals Older Adults Can Achieve

Available for Interviews: Dr. Mimi Secor.

Dr. Mimi Secor is Nurse Practitioner from the Boston area. She has been specializing in Women’s Health for over 40 years now, is a national speaker and consultant, and is an international bestselling author of Debut a New You: Transforming Your Life At Any Age.

What Dr. Secor Can Say in an Interview on
Fitness for Senior Citizens

Generally, resolutions for older adults should target becoming healthier—focusing less on dramatic weight loss and more on making healthy choices and developing healthy habits. Here are some recommendations:

  • Make healthier food choices. Minimize alcohol and excessive “junk” carbs. Focus on lean protein, veggies, fruit and whole grains/legumes, and small amounts of healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, nuts.

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Fibromyalgia: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Available for Interviews: Dr. Eldred Taylor

Interview Dr. Eldred Taylor to answer all of your women’s health questions regarding hormonal imbalances and how to correct them. Dr. Taylor is a leader in the hormone industry and is passionate about helping women while using a holistic functional medicine approach.


Talking Points from Dr. Taylor On

    • Fibromyalgia is a complicated disorder that are associated with adrenal gland dysfunction.
    • Approximately 1 in 50 women are estimated to have fibromyalgia, or between 3 and 6 million Americans in the US, and is the 2nd most common ailment affecting the musculoskeletal system after osteoarthritis.

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Is Cryptocurrency a Good Hedge in Your Portfolio?

Available for Interviews: Don Garman

Don Garman is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Mirador Capital Partners and Co-Founder of Tri-Valley Ventures. A seasoned investor in both public and private companies for over 30 years, Don leads Mirador’s Investment Committee and oversees each of the firm’s proprietary investment strategies.


What Don Garman can say in an interview:

The recent volatility in global markets has investors asking whether they should have some amount of cryptocurrency in their portfolios to hedge against uncertainty. Crypto, as it’s known, and its underlying infrastructure, Blockchain, have been a hotly debated topic in the past few years and now the global pandemic has investors of every age interested in the potential protection against downside risk in the equity markets.

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Recent Study: COVID Impacts Women’s Finances. Here’s How to Rebuild

Available for Interviews: Lauren Oschman

Lauren Oschman, CFP® is a certified financial planner specializing in financial strategies, tax planning, and is an expert in helping physicians manage their finances.

What Lauren Oschman can say in an interview on
Rebuilding Investments During Volatility:

      • In addition to the wage gap, data suggests there is also a wealth gap—women do not have as much saved for retirement as their male counterparts.
      • According to a survey released in Jan 2021 from the Nationwide Retirement Institute (https://news.nationwide.com/women-investors-concerns/), COVID-19 has widened this retirement preparedness gap.

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Do These 4 Things to Grow Old Gracefully

Available for Interviews: Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith is an internal medicine physician, a work-life integration researcher, and an international expert on mind-body-spirit connection. She is also an international speaker and bestselling author of Sacred Rest: Recover Your Life, Renew Your Energy, Restore Your Sanity.

Dr. Dalton-Smith was recently published in Shape Magazine on how to feel less sleep deprived and more rejuvenized when we wake up in the morning. Here’s another story angle on the topic.

What Dr. Dalton-Smith  Can Say in an Interview on
Growing Older:

Many people believe that, as they get older, they are resigned to being on the scrap heap of life. But when you advance in years, it’s important to remember that you can do a lot of things to help yourself. Getting older is about getting better. And whether you have concerns with your health or you are wondering what to do to make the most of your twilight years, here are some of the simple things.

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Kids & Smartphones: Text Neck Concerns

“Young people are growing horns. . . Phone use is to blame. (Washington Post, 6/20/2019)

Available for Interviews:  Dr. Jason Deitch

Jason Deitch, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, author, international speaker, and social media expert.. He speaks on health & wellness trends and role of chiropractic care in family wellness. He is also the best-selling author of Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich. 

What Dr. Deitch can say in an interview on Text Neck:

  • “Text neck” has become a modern problem due to the rise in use in computers, laptops, and handheld devices—especially smartphones. Millions of children are walking around and looking down at their smartphones for far too long, becoming victims of text neck.
  • The increase in use of computers in school and access to smartphones (even at school) has led to a lifestyle of teens looking down. This is becoming a danger to their health & well-being.

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Food and the US: Why You’re Always Sick

Available for Interviews: Dr. Reagan B. Anderson

Dr. Anderson is the author of Universal Death Care: A Solution for Healthcare in the Age of Entitlement. Dr. Anderson was a combat doctor in Iraq, and has since run a successful medical clinic in the U.S. He wrote this book because he is tired of profit-driven policies that don’t support American’s health. For this reason, Anderson has dedicated his life to changing healthcare in America.

What Dr. Anderson Can Say in an Interview on
the Food Problem in America

    • Over 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. Obesity contributes to many chronic diseases, lowers the immune system, alters hormones, etc.
    • Processed foods are killing us. More than 4 ultra processed foods a day increases the chance of dying from all causes by 62%. The Standard American Diet is mostly processed foods.

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7 Commandments to Attaining Your Fitness Resolutions

Available for Interviews: Raphael Velazquez

Raphael Velazquez, NSCA CSCS, is the founder of VELA, and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, celebrity trainer, and body transformation expert. He is also the author of Core Fitness: Your Best Shape, Looking and Feeling Great.

What Raphael Velazquez can say in an interview on
Attaining Your Fitness Resolutions:

Commandment #1: You shall set goals | It is important to set goals on your fitness journey. Being precise on what it is you’re looking to achieve (and when) allows you to have clarity on whether you achieved your goal or did not.

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Smooth Travel Tips Post COVID

Available for Interviews: Carol Barkes

Carol Barkes is a conflict resolution expert, mediator, national speaker, educator and bestselling author who uniquely applies neuroscience to the fields of conflict resolution and negotiations. Her expert perspective is always fresh and relevant.

What Carol Barkes can say in an interview about Traveling Post COVID:

    •  Remember everyone is tense right now.  Travel personnel has been largely out of business for a while and the new increase in business means there is a lot to learn and get reacquainted with. Likewise, the new rules are stressful to travelers so everyone has flight-fight-freeze reactions more regularly. 

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