Risks Small Business Owners Don’t Even Know They Have

Interview Geeta Nadkarni

Geeta Nadkarni is an expert in the field of publicity, marketing, and helping small business owners to grow their businesses and here are a few things she would say in an interview:

    • One of the biggest reasons we create stuckness in life or business is because we have an underlying set of assumptions that color our beliefs (and therefore our actions). We basically create a cage and believe there’s no way out of it.
    • For example, one of our clients struggled for 2.5 years to launch her online PR course. She followed all the gurus and did all the steps and spent a massive amount of time and money—”following the plan” without first getting clarity on what her audience and followers REALLY wanted from her. When we helped her design a new (far more expensive)  program around the outcome they were ASKING for (we taught her to listen for it), she immediately made $50K in sales in her first 30 days.
    • It’s almost impossible for someone to fix their own stuckness because we all operate in our own blind spots and it takes someone on the outside—ideally someone with a proven track record of accomplishing a version of what we want to do—to help us see what we’re missing.
    • ALL super successful people know that the best investment they could possibly make is in themselves. There is literally nothing else that can give as immediate and as vast a return in the short, medium or long term. Reading books or buying courses is one way to make this investment, but getting a real human being to help you surface your own hidden stories and rewrite them? That’s priceless.
    • If your mentor is just helping you out for free, frankly, you can’t expect very much. Folks in a position to mentor others are often extremely busy with many, many others making demands of their time. I’ve found it most effective to find the person whose values best line up with my own, who has a proven record of doing what I’m trying to do and then paying that person (and his or her team) to coach me to the outcome I seek.
    • Nobody outgrows their blind spots and everybody, no matter how successful, has limiting beliefs that hold them back. The great news is that the more successful the entrepreneur already is, the faster the coaching will pay off because there are fewer blocks in the way.
    • A 1% perceptual adjustment for someone who has already learned to make $100M per year will lead to a far greater gain than the same adjustment to someone who’s still struggling to hit $1M because they already have a greater understanding of the factors at play.
    • Again, the more successful you are, the more of a no-brainer it becomes to invest in bettering yourself. There is always someone out there who has certain processes in life or business dialed in further than you do—they become an ideal mentor in this case.
    • I have mentors or coaches for every major area of my life that I’m currently working on improving: I have one for the mindset. I have 2 for business, 2 for fitness and one who’s coaching me on expanding my network.
    • I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored by some truly successful people like Jesse Itzler, NYT bestselling author of Living with a SEAL, who has helped me immeasurably with overcoming fear and going for my goals.
    • I’ve been briefly and unofficially mentored by his wife, billionaire Sara Blakely, who taught me that you attract what you are and how much mindset affects your bottom line.
    • I’ve actually hired one of my mentors, mindset coach and hypnotherapist David Boulet to be on my team and coach my own clients because of how profoundly our work together has changed my life. He helped me see how I was “hustling” and creating struggle when I could instead have been creating flow.
    • Pick someone who can demonstrate success. Someone who makes it about you instead of about themselves. Someone who is there not to sell you some deliverable or fancy course but who is genuinely committed to helping you reach your outcome. You don’t need a fancy “guru”—you need someone who has the skill, the emotional intelligence and the ability to hold space to guide you to your own epiphanies. And once your sense of possibility has expanded, THEN they can share tactical know-how, knowing that it will land differently with you and actually get you results.


Available for Interviews: Geeta Nadkarni

Geeta Nadkarni is an expert in the field of publicity, marketing, and helping small business owner to grow their businesses. She is also an award-winning journalist, national speaker, and is passionate about entrepreneurship and DIY business growth strategies. Geeta Nadkarni is founder of: babygotbooked.com and impactwithinfluence.com

Jo Allison
PR Managing Editor
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Geeta Nadkarni,

When I first had the idea to turn my knowledge of PR and messaging into an online course, it was as if I grew a second head! Everyone either didn’t understand what I was trying to do, or thought I was an irresponsible idiot for investing my meager savings in pursuing my dreams by coaching others.

Looking back, I see it was an opportunity to do what Sara Blakely (the world’s youngest self-made female entrepreneur and founder of Spanx), Oprah, and so many other successful women leaders I admire have done: practice their knowing.

When Sara had the idea to create Spanx, all of the so-called experts—the men who ran hosiery factories and brands—told her she was nuts; that she had a stupid idea based on a dying industry. But she did what all innovators and visionaries must do: she practiced her knowing.

There’s nothing easy about business and there will always be a cacophony of voices with very legitimate reasons telling you why you cannot do what you know in your heart you want to and can do.

It becomes important—crucial—to lean into the challenge of knowing in the face of doubt. Because as I’ve grown from having $300 in my bank account, to now running a 7-figure business, the decisions never really get easier. The responsibility becomes bigger. The pressure is greater. It is only by continually working and building around all of this fear and doubt, without letting repression conquer us, that we build the mental muscle that we will need in order to continually run the businesses we dream about.

I like to think that every doubter, every hater, is here to serve me. I allow the doubt and fear inside me to surface so I can embrace it and move beyond it. It is a never-ending cycle of building self-trust and knowing. And the more I do it, the more I’ve come to enjoy the process instead of just the goal.

Available for Interviews: Geeta Nadkarni

Geeta Nadkarni is an expert in the field of publicity, marketing, and helping small business owner to grow their businesses. She is also an award-winning journalist, national speaker, and is passionate about entrepreneurship and DIY business growth strategies.

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