Preventing Ovarian Cancer: Should Women Consider Removing Fallopian Tubes?

Available for Interviews: 
Dr. Karyn Eilber, Dr. Jennifer Anger, Dr. Victoria Scott

Interview one or all of the “Down There Doctors.” Dr. Eilber, Dr. Anger, and Dr. Scott are a team of urogynecologists and are a powerful resource for all things people are generally hesitant to talk about. They are also the authors of the newly released book, A Woman’s Guide to Her Pelvic Floor: What the F*@# Is Going on Down There?

What the Doctors Can Say about
Preventing ovarian cancer: Should women consider removing fallopian tubes?

  • This is a topic that is coming up in women’s health. Many women are removing breasts before cancer becomes an issue. What about fallopian tubes???
  • It would stand to reason that ovarian cancer starts in the ovary, but in fact most ovarian cancers start in the fallopian tubes.
  • Currently there is no effective screening test for ovarian cancer.

  • Because removing fallopian tubes has minimal risk, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends removal of the fallopian tubes (“opportunistic salpingectomy”) when possible at the time of other pelvic surgery, such as hysterectomy, to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

  • Not only does removing just the tubes reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, but it preserves ovarian function. The advantage of keeping ovaries in a premenopausal woman is obvious, but advantages of keeping ovaries in a menopausal woman include decreasing risk of death from cardiovascular disease, maintaining cognitive function, and preventing osteoporosis.

  • So if a woman is having pelvic surgery such as hysterectomy, she should definitely discuss removal of fallopian tubes with her doctor.

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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day / Month (The 5 P’s)

Available for Interviews: Wendy Diamond

Wendy Diamond is a social entrepreneur, impact investor, humanitarian, endangered animal and rescue advocate, world’s premier pet lifestyle expert, bestselling author, and TV personality.

Wendy is also the founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (Nov 19, but the celebration and discussion happen all month)

Wendy Can Talk About the 5 P’s of
Women’s Entrepreneurship:

 1) Passion. You must absolutely love what you are doing, put your heart and soul into your goal.

 2) Persistence. You must never give up, you will hear a million “NO’s” but that one “YES” can change your life forever.

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Female Power: Moving Companies are Not Always Brawny College Guys

Available for Interview: Kate DeWald, CEO, OnCue.

Ms. DeWald leads Oncue,  a moving industry company whose leadership team is majority female. In 2019 movers generated over $12M in revenue and performed 18,481 jobs with Oncue.

Female Power: Moving Companies Are Not Always Brawny College Guys

The unparalleled mass exodus from big cities, spurred on by COVID, has transformed working life. While this transition was catalyzed by shelter-in-place restrictions, people are reimagining lifestyle and priorities in ways that will have a permanent impact on businesses and communities. This is creating a huge opportunity for the moving industry. Similar to the other industries thriving in 2020, like food delivery, telemedicine, and ed tech, the $14 billion moving industry is growing at an inconceivable rate, with no end in sight.
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How Women Can Do Better at the Negotiation Table

It seems that men have the advantage over women when it comes to negotiation in many business situations. Here are just a few tips that can help women—or anyone, really—on how to approach these situations and be in a better position to achieve the business outcomes you are aiming for.
Carol Barkes is a conflict resolution expert who helps couples who are considering divorce.  She knows these bullets below are surefire ways to put a marriage on the path to divorce. Carol is available for interviews.
  • Women are less likely to negotiate than men. Women are more likely to negotiate for other people, if they do so.  This being said, women need to remember that they, too, are worthy and deserve a voice for themselves.  Most everything can be negotiated so why not try?  At the worst, we are no worse off than before the attempt.  Continue reading “How Women Can Do Better at the Negotiation Table”

Entry Level Salary Negotiation – What You Need to Know

Interview Carol Barkes…

Carol Barkes is a trend-setting mediator, business executive and educator specializing in the use of neuroscience to improve business performance, interpersonal communications, negotiation and conflict resolution processes for optimally successful results.

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