COVID Nursing Home Lawsuits: How Do We Protect Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

Available for Interviews: Glenn Matecun.

Glenn R. Metecun, CELA, is certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation. Catching the early warning signs of dementia is crucial in helping to get the care your loved one needs.

Here, our estate planning attorney can discuss ways to address your estate planning needs remotely.

Talking Points from Glenn Matecun
on COVID Nursing Home Lawsuits:

Negligence, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death . . .
The next wave of legal action as the nation’s aging die

    • Thousands of our most vulnerable citizens have died from the COVID-19 virus in nursing homes
    • Now, nursing homes are pushing for lawsuit immunity

    • Should it be harder to sue a nursing home over COVID-19 deaths?
    • Many states have taken steps to shield nursing homes from liability, but the rules and protections vary
    • What lawsuits can we expect?
    • And how can we protect loved ones still in facilities? Our legal expert can explain.


Interview: Glenn Matecun.

Glenn Matecun. is a Michigan estate planning and elder law attorney, helping families plan for life, resolve conflict, deal with loss, protect assets and preserve a lasting legacy. He has been an attorney for over 30 years and practices throughout the state of Michigan.

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