Myths About Long-Term Care: Know Your Options

Available for Interviews: Glenn Matecun.

Glenn Metecun, CELA, is certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation. Here are some talking points the myths about long-term care:


  • “I have Medicare and it will cover my long-term care costs.”
    False. Medicare has very limited coverage for long-term care rehab. (The solution is to plan ahead and use Medicare as a gap coverage.)
  • If I apply to Medicaid to pay for a nursing home, I will lose my home.
    False.  There are great options to protect your home from the nursing home and the government.
  • “I have to spend every dollar before I qualify for nursing home Medicaid benefits.”
  • False. For a married couple we can usually protect 100%.
  • “We hear it all the time, there’s a “5 yr look-back period . . . meaning, if I give away assets in the previous 5 yr period, I will be disqualified from receiving benefits.”
    False.  The government has provided options to allow assets to be restructured to apply for benefits.
  • “I’m in a second marriage. I have a pre-nup so my assets are protected if my spouse needs long-term care.”
    False.  Assets of both spouses are considered when applying for a nursing home benefit regardless of having a pre-nup.


Interview: Glenn Matecun

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