Fever is Your Friend

We are entering cold and flu season. Don’t try to shut that fever off.  Fever is your friend.

What one of our media doctors could share on this topic:

  • Not every fever needs to be broken.

  • Fevers are our body’s natural response to what

  • Fevers kill viruses or bacteria that shouldn’t be there… it’s a good thing.

  • Of course, we don’t want to be sick. The problem is, we are trying to shut down the mechanism that is there to help us.

  • Let the fever do its job.

  • Let it attack foreign invaders.  Sure it’s uncomfortable, but your body is doing its job

  • Bump up vitamin C, D, and some other immunity boosters.

  • Don’t turn the fever off, it will allow the virus to get stronger.  Allow the body to do what it was designed to.


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