Ways to Combat COVID-19

Available for Interviews: Dr. Michael Evangel

Dr. Michael S. Evangel, Chiropractic Physician, is the owner of the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Paramus, NJ. For over 30 years, his mission is to provide state of the art, high-quality care to people of all ages. 


Talking Points from Michael Evangel 
on Ways to Combat COVID-19:

The COVID-19 Pandemic is an unprecedented event in human history. It reminds me of the classic sci-fi movie The Day the Earth Stood Still because that’s what feels like is happening. 
There is no playbook to refer to in this situation, since all of humanity has never been in a shutdown mode. Many people are referring to this as a war against an invisible enemy and that is exactly what it is. There are two strategies during war, offense and defense. 

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