How the COVID Crisis Has Ushered in a New Digital Age

Interview Phil Crowley.

Philip P. Crowley, is a dedicated attorney who has been handling legal matters for pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical devices, information technology and other technology companies for over 30 years. He has also spent nearly 25 years on the board of trustees of the Stevens Institute of Technology, with substantial involvement in the oversight of academic innovation and entrepreneurship.


Talking Points from Phil Crowley
on Coronavirus and the New Digital Age:

The COVID crisis has caused virtually unparalleled peril—but at the same time an opportunity to learn new ways of interacting with one another.

How the Coronavirus Has Ushered in
a New Digital Age

It has (1) reduced the reluctance of those who are put off by technology to use much that is available, and (2) increased the tendencies of those who like and use technology to find additional and better ways to use what is available. I characterize the changes to virtual from face-to-face as coming primarily in four categories:
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