4 Ways to Improve Your Concentration in the Digital Age

Available for Interviews: Dr. David J. Calabro

Dr. Calabro, DC, CCN, FICPA, CEG, practices Functional Medicine at the Calabro Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Dr. Calabro specializes in functional medicine, clinical nutrition, essential oils, and BrainTap therapy.

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Simple Ways to Improve Concentration

    • In the digital age we now live in, it can be difficult to stay focused.
    • According to a Microsoft study, people now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish! Whereas a goldfish can maintain its focus for nine seconds, humans begin to lose concentration after eight seconds.
    • Besides all the digital distractions, there may be other factors contributing to our lack of concentration: Poor nutrition, inadequate sleep, and dehydration may be just some of the reasons why your mental focus is less sharp.
    • To improve your mental clarity, begin by making positive improvements in your diet, be sure that you are getting enough sleep, and drink more water.

Beyond those obvious basic recommendations, here are 4 essential tips to help you regain your focus:

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