A New Weapon to Fight Covid During Holiday Travel

Available for Interviews: Leonard Butterman

Leonard Butterman is the President of BioSafe Gloves, LLC. Right now we have face masks and rubber gloves for safety but there’s a big problem. Neither kills viruses. In fact, the gloves people use now just move viruses and bacteria around. There is a new tool on the market, BioSafe Gloves. These gloves kill viruses.

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What Leonard Butterman can say in an interview:

Now is not the time to relax your preventative measures during this second wave and busy Holiday travel. Even though people are “Covid weary,” you still need to fight and keep your guard up. 

BioSafe Gloves is a new product that kills viruses [see news release].

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4 Defense Tactics for Protection Before COVID Vaccination

Available for Interviews: Dr. Tammy Penhollow

Dr. Tammy Penhollow is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, specializing in anesthesiology, pain management, and regenerative medicine. Having over 20 years of experience has helped her to cultivate a passion for regenerative medicine and holistic healing. Dr. Penhollow practices at Precision Regenerative Medicine in the greater Phoenix area.

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4 Crucial Ways We Can Keep Our Guard Up Against COVID-19:

As numbers of confirmed cases of the life-threatening virus continue to spike around the country, and numbers rise where they had been declining, we need to exercise more control over the health measures that we can. Here are 4 Ways that can have a positive impact on preventing the contraction of COVID-19:

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