No Peace, No Sports—How Civil Unrest Could Change Sporting Events

Available for Interviews: Rob Cornilles.

For a quarter century Rob Cornilles has been known as the “sales coach for sports.” His firm, Game Face, Inc., pioneered executive training for professional and collegiate sports teams and has since advised more than 40,000 executives at more than 300 sports brands worldwide, forever changing how sports and entertainment properties connect with their fans.

What Rob Cornilles can say in an interview
on Sports and Civil Unrest:

As major league sports prepare to return in July (as has been widely reported) those plans will likely be scuttled due to the civil unrest rocking American cities.

  • No fan, already worried about health concerns, will return to stadiums when you throw safety concerns on top of it.
  • Players are not going to want to venture into urban locales where most venues are located, if their safety cannot be assured.
  • Sports may not be as important as peaceful protesting, but sports is a healing agent that will now be pushed back until the carnage stops.
  • The very communities that rely on sporting events to build up their economy are being hurt from this outbreak of violence across major markets.

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