Think Zinc! The Natural Super Supplement

Interview Dr. Eric Nazarenko, DC, CACCP

Dr. Eric Nazarenko is chiropractor and functional nutritionist. He and his spouse, Dr. Andrea Nazarenko have a #1 international best-selling book on gut health, When Food Hurts: 4 Steps to a Gut-Happy Lifestyle.

Talking Points From Dr. Nazarenko on
Zinc and Its Health Benefits:

    • Zinc’s rising popularity. Zinc seems to be growing in popularity—or at least is discussed more in the mainstream—likely because it is commonly found in foods and/or relatively inexpensive supplements to purchase if needed. It is a natural mineral. Common foods with zinc include meat, shellfish, legumes, seed & nuts, and dairy. Because these are staples in many people’s diets, it’s natural to talk supplementation when one is missing (e.g., in the case of a vegan diet).

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