The 365% Rule and Why It Will Help With Your Best Healthy Life

Available for Interviews: Raphael Velazquez

Raphael Velazquez, NSCA CSCS, is the founder of VELA, and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, celebrity trainer, and body transformation expert. He is also the author of Core Fitness: Your Best Shape, Looking and Feeling Great.

What Raphael Velazquez can say in an interview on
the 365% Rule & Life: 

    • Dream big and step small. The 365% rule starts off with having a plan, a destination, and goals. You need to know where you’re going before you step off towards a journey. The same goes for fitness, no matter whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, feel better, get stronger, improve your strength, lose body fat, know where you are by doing an assessment and having goals.

    • 1 % x 365 days. The important thing here is that you look to improve 1% every day. It can be a small change/improvement in your fitness, nutrition, health, or even in other aspects of life. May that be intellectually by reading or socially by hanging/seeing friends. It’ll help you feel good and improve on other aspects of what life is about. Wellness is all-encompassing on many variables.
    • Focus on great & better, not perfect. Perfection can cause you to not take action, freak out when things don’t go the way you want them to and nothing in life is perfect. With that being said focus on great and know that things can always be improved. You take this approach by doing your best, and you will improve your state of mind on how you see things and go about executing on your goals (fitness/nutrition/health/career/etc.)
    • Build habits. A lot of times we fall in love with the vision/ goal and either forget, don’t realize, or don’t know that what we are building habits to be able to become better in whatever it is we are looking to improve. These habits become a part of us, our foundation & our subconscious. We can develop values around strong habits to ultimately pass down to our children, share with others and continue to create impact.
    • Become consistent. Consistency will be what will keep your strength up, keep the weight off, keep you succeeding at work and living your best life. You know you’re being accountable to yourself and others with what it was that you set out to do and that develops who you are, your character. The goal is about improvement, becoming better, and allowing your name and character to speak volumes even when you’re not in the room.


Interview: Raphael Velazquez

Raphael Velazquez, NSCA CSCS, is the founder of VELA, and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, celebrity trainer, and body transformation expert. He has built an unparalleled rapport within the fitness and entertainment industry. With years of experience in sculpting and transforming physiques and minds, Raphael formulates and implements techniques catered to the specific goals and needs of each of his clients. Best known for his work in strength and conditioning, Raphael possesses the expertise and professionalism needed to successfully meet demands and sculpt bodies and minds, while coaching his clients to fully embody their best lives. Raphael’s style is evident in the results you see in his clients, his physique is equally important. Recently featured in the Equinox “Impossible Happens” campaign, Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, and Good Morning America with Brooke Burke.

Raphael also has a B.S. in exercise physiology, and in addition to training celebrities, entrepreneurs, and everyday people, he is a motivational speaker, a passionate advocate for the youth being a member of Mastermind Connect, and is devoted to serving others along their journey.

Raphael comes from a Dominican household. As a first-generation American, Raphael looks to be an example to inspire other first-generation Americans to go for their dreams and make them a reality based on one’s circumstances, resources, resiliency, creativity & grit.

Core Fitness: Your Best Shape, Looking and Feeling Great!

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