Valentines Dating During Covid – Is it Virtual? Cancelled?

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Meredith Golden is a dating expert, dating  app ghostwriter (she’ll write for people who have trouble with what to say), and Founder of SpoonMeetSpoon, a place where people can get help with all aspects of dating, both on and off the dating apps.

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What Meredith Golden can say in an interview on
Dating and
Valentine’s Day:

Valentines day does not have to be “cancelled.” Singles have many opportunities for virtual dates through dating apps.  Many of these tools are built in. Also, meeting in person and being socially distanced is an option.
“While socially distanced and dating seem diametrically apposed, it can also be an opportunity to make small changes that will net big gains.
In non-Covid times there are ample ways to meet people. Bars, parties, group sports, even commuting on the subway are just a few of the most common ways to meet other available singles. But at this point, with gatherings being limited, dating apps are the best option. It’s always been important to have a strong dating app profile but NOW more so than ever.  Here are 4 tips for singles this year:
1. Don’t ghost—Not on Valentine’s Day or any other day. It’s mean and karma is real! After the last 10 months, does anyone really need to risk inviting more negativity into their lives?! (Meredith can talk about kind ways to respectfully end the dating process.)
2. Now, with social gatherings being off the table, dating apps are the best option. No one wants to spend all day on a dating app with little return on their time investment.  (Meredith can give tips on how to succeed on the apps by only investing 20 minutes a day.)
3. Valentine’s Day can be tough for some who are single. This year, in particular, is the year that everyone should be kinder to themselves. If someone is inclined to spend the day feeling gloomy, this isn’t the year to dwell on being single. There will be a lifetime of Valentine Days to either celebrate with a partner or possibly feel sullen. (Meredith can talk about the importance of focusing on the positive by reminding people to be thankful for those who love them and support them. Our friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and beloved pets—even if the relationship isn’t romantic. )
4. If you’re dating like a Gloomy Gus or Negative Nellie, consider taking a short break to refresh. Remember that happiness really does attract happiness! (Meredith can talk about dating fatigue and the importance of putting your best foot forward while dating.)

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Interview: Meredith Golden.

Meredith is a Dating Expert with a vast understanding of the dating landscape—both on and off the dating apps. The majority of her days are spent creating killer profiles, screening and diagnosing client activity, coaching singles to generate better dating results, as well as swiping, vetting, messaging, and converting messages to meets—as the client, for the client.

As a former psychotherapist (Master of Social Work from N.Y.U.), she understands how psychology, behavior and emotions influence dating. She loves watching her clients make small changes that produce positive and significant dating results.

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