We Must Treat CV-19 Like World War III—This Is How We Win

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Ron Karr is a Leadership and Influence Expert who presents to organizations worldwide and coaches CEO’s and Leadership Teams. He is the creator of the Velocity Mindset® and author of the CEO Bestselling Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way. Karr is passionate about leadership in America and its ability to heal our current challenges.


Talking Points from Ron Karr on
How to Unify the Country and
Win the War on COVID-19: 

During WWII, we came together as a country. This is our strength and a blueprint for winning against the COVID enemy that is hurting every country.

  • It is different than the first two world wars; In the first two world wars we saw the common enemy, and we could see who they were, and we knew who we were shooting at. 

  • In this “world war,” the enemy is invisible. We can’t touch it. We can’t feel it (unless we have been personally impacted by a death in our family or someone who has had it.) In some cases, it is hard for us to even realize it is real and it leads some people to think it is a hoax.
  • The reality . . .  the way we won the first two world wars  was that we did it for one reason: our ability to unite against a common enemy. And this is even more important today than in the first two world wars.
  • The solution . . . We have to put our differences aside and come together with a common strategy to fight the big enemy. This is the ONLY way we win. And the other difference in this world war is that there aren’t two sides. The whole world is fighting against the same enemy—all the nations are fighting against the same enemy.
  • We really need to model the war effort of World War II to get past this.
  • How can we when leaders want to be divisive because an election is close?  It comes back to We the People. The People have to stand up for this cause and come together.  While we really do need the leadership, the People can lead the movement.
Further Talking Points . . . 
  • We need to work together as the states in this country and with all of the countries in the world. If there is division we will never move forward and win this world war.
  • Think about this: If a the virus is spiking in a state they have to scale it back and go into lockdown. This, in turn, affects other states. People can’t travel for business or pleasure. Tourism goes down, they can’t ship goods and materials, etc. 
  • If a country like ours is not able to handle this virus as competently as other countries, those countries will take us off the flight list. Then we can no longer fly there, and in some cases, it can impact the ability to do businesses across the pond and vice versa. 
  • The point is that in a global economy we all depend on each other.
  • So let’s take that strategy and use it to fight this enemy. Let’s all come together and work for the common good. Let’s realize that there is a higher cause for all of us. Let’s put aside our differences and learn how we can find common ground because unless we do that, sooner than later, we will all be suffering for a much longer period than we are prepared for.


Interview: Ron Karr

Ron Karr is a Speaker, Strategist, and author of  Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way. For 36+ years, Ron Karr has excelled at sales and leadership positions, for which he is recognized as the leading “Sales Success Expert” and has appeared as a guest on national TV including FOX , Bloomberg, C-Suite Newtork and others. Once President of the National Speakers Association, he is an in-demand Global Keynote Speaker. He is the  owner of Karr Associates, Inc. in Westwood, NJ.

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