What role does embarrassment play in driving healthy social interactions?

How can people deal with embarrassment in a healthy way — and what behaviors make the experience worse?

Lori Miller, LMHC says …

  • Embarrassment is an emotion that comes from self-critique. “He’s going to think I’m an idiot, or I should have known better, etc.”  In a reality-based world, everyone makes mistakes and this “slight” could be the door that opens to a winning opportunity if it’s played right.

  • “It would be so much easier to address the error and outright introduce yourself or say whats on your mind. OMG, I haven’t seen you and I was literally thinking of you yesterday or I am so sorry, I thought you were waving at me and wanted to grab a coffee..laugh and play it off then introduce yourself.  You truly looked like my dear friend …which is a compliment by the way. It’s such a pleasure to meet you even though you were looking for someone else.”

Lori Miller, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Jo Allison

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