10 Live Event Predictions in 2021

Available for Interviews: Ed Vincent, CEO, FestivalPass.com.

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    1. First Half of 2021 we will see more intimate socially distanced shows in both independent and larger arena settings with less capacity and higher ticket prices
    2. Warmer climates will see an increased velocity of shows in early 2021 as open air events are more feasible
    3. The consumer experience at shows in early 2021 will emulate some of the current experiences we are seeing in restaurants including: QR code menus, pod or group driven seating, outdoor retrofitting of spaces to increase airflow and comfort
    4. Second half of 2021 will begin to see significant increase in shows across all venue types including clubs, theaters, arenas with continually increasing capacity
    5. Broadway and intimate theater productions will take until Q4 2021 (3 months behind the rest of the industry) due to the close proximity of its seats and nature of stage being part of the audience experience
    6. The higher priced intimacy of more spaced seating will survive the pandemic and become an increasingly normal part of shows going forward for those willing to spend the higher entry fee
    7. Several ticketing and subscription event companies will leverage 3rd party identification verification companies to first and foremost confirm vaccine and negative testing results such as Clear and Q5ID
    8. Liability and risk of infections will be passed to the consumers and most venues will require consumers to agree to the risk before attending a live event
    9. The significant pent up demand for live events will drive a big rebound of the industry in second half of 2021
    10. Live streaming will move from being the only option to a complimentary revenue stream of a specific event at a specific location (not just a produced show created for a live stream audience) Artists AND venues will participate in the revenue waterfall and the business model will adjust to emulate current live performance revenue share.

Jo Allison
Managing Editor
Director of Public Relations
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