Asking the Right Questions Are Key to Good Feedback in the Workplace

Available for Interviews:  Dr. Kelly Waltman

Kelly Waltman, PhD, is the Founder and CEO of SLR Leadership Consultion, LLC. She is also the author of Elevate Connection: Cutivate and Engaged, Inspired, Productive and Profitable Team Culture.

What Dr. Kelly Waltman can say in an interview
on Reflective Questions and Feedback in the Workplace

By setting aside a specific time to request feedback from your team members,—and receiving that feedback effectively—you’ll show your team members that you genuinely want their feedback, you value it, and it’s safe to come to you with that feedback.

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Beware the Background! The 5 Most Common Issues During Virtual Meetings

Available for Interviews:  Leni Rivera

Leni Rivera is a Workplace Experience specialist and author of its very first book in the industry, Workplace Experience. Her passion is creating work environments that enable employees to be both productive and happy, regardless of where that is. 

What Leni Rivera can say in an interview
on How to Have Visually Appealing Virtual Meetings

During the pandemic, we have probably seen it all. When it came to virtual meetings, mistakes and mishaps were common and sometimes comical.  Here’s some savvy advice from an interior design expert.

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“Operation Underground Railroad”: Envisioning a World Without Human Trafficking

Available for Interviews: Geeta Nadkarni

Geeta Nadkarni is the founder of BabyGotBooked and ImpactWithInfluence and author of the new book, How to Live Your Vision: Manifest Your Dream Reality in Less Than 15 Minutes a Day. Here, readers can discover practices and nuggets of truth that have the power to transform the way they desire, dream, and receive.

What Geeta can say in an interview on
Operation Underground Railroach:

    • 100% of the proceeds of How to Live Your Vision go to: Operation Underground Railroad.
    • O.U.R. has made a significant impact in the fight to end sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by rescuing and supporting thousands of survivors in 28 countries and 26 U.S. states

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Fitness Routines Are Not Created Equally

Available for Interviews: Raphael Velazquez

Raphael Velazquez, NSCA CSCS, is the founder of VELA, and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, celebrity trainer, and body transformation expert. He is also the author of Core Fitness: Your Best Shape, Looking and Feeling Great.

What Raphael Velazquez can say in an interview on
Individualized Fitness Plans: 

    • Did you do an assessment? We sometimes get caught up in the mode of I need to get in shape! a frantic mode where you may sign up for a fat loss challenge or a transformation program, without making sure that the challenges or programs offer assessments. Assessments will allow the coach to personalize your program based on your goals, fitness level, the “why” of your journey, as well as your injury and nutrition history, and more. Transformations take time and you need to understand where you are to know how long it’ll take to get where you want to be.

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Workplace Wins We Can Take From Covid

Available for Interviews: Nell Derick Debevoise

Nell Derick Debevoise is the Founder & CEO of Inspiring Capital and the author of the new book, Going First: Find the Courage to Lead Purposefully and Inspire Action is available on Amazon.


What Nell Derick Debevoise can say in an interview on
Workplace Wins as a Result of Covid:

        • The primary win of Covid is that it made work human again. This universal, deadly, and highly contagious threat to our very survival reminded us that we are all the same in our humanity, and even the most urgent business priorities cannot come before our wellbeing. Continue reading “Workplace Wins We Can Take From Covid”

5 Lifestyle Changes Can Help in Preventing Fatigue

Available for Interviews: Dr. Alice Fong

Alice Fong, ND, is an integrative naturopathic doctor specializing in stress, integrative medicine, diet & weight loss, and is a business growth consultant for holistic healthcare providers.

What Dr. Alice Fong can say in an interview
on Fatigue

Fatigue is the chronic feeling of tiredness and lack of energy. Some symptoms of fatigue are chronic tiredness and inability to sleep, headache, dizziness, sore feeling or weakness of muscles, irritability, etc.

Here are some lifestyle changes you can implement to prevent fatigue, reduce its symptoms, or eradicate it.

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4 Signs You Might Benefit From Taking Anti-Anxiety Medication


Available for Interviews:  Dr. Colleen Cira

Dr. Colleen Cira, Psy.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in Women and Trauma and has worked with hundreds of people struggling with mental health issues.

Talking Points from Dr. Cira on
Anti-Anxiety Medication:

1) You are having a difficult time just doing life.
    • You might be so stressed out at work that it’s hard to think, having panic attacks with regularity where you lose time during your day to deal with them and recover, it may be difficult to get out of bed every day because you are so filled with dread or your worry may be causing problems with your partner, friends or family.

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Business

Available for Interviews: Don Garman

Don Garman is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Mirador Capital Partners and Co-Founder of Tri-Valley Ventures. A seasoned investor in both public and private companies for over 30 years, Don leads Mirador’s Investment Committee and oversees each of the firm’s proprietary investment strategies.


What Don Garman can say in an interview:

For owners and entrepreneurs, usually their biggest concerns have to do with growing their business: building a network, strengthening client relationships, increasing profits, and so on. The idea of stepping away may not be on their minds, but it’s an important issue that requires owners to prepare. Here are a few questions to consider when thinking about selling your business.

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Food and the US: Why You’re Always Sick

Available for Interviews: Dr. Reagan B. Anderson

Dr. Anderson is the author of Universal Death Care: A Solution for Healthcare in the Age of Entitlement. Dr. Anderson was a combat doctor in Iraq, and has since run a successful medical clinic in the U.S. He wrote this book because he is tired of profit-driven policies that don’t support American’s health. For this reason, Anderson has dedicated his life to changing healthcare in America.

What Dr. Anderson Can Say in an Interview on
the Food Problem in America

    • Over 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. Obesity contributes to many chronic diseases, lowers the immune system, alters hormones, etc.
    • Processed foods are killing us. More than 4 ultra processed foods a day increases the chance of dying from all causes by 62%. The Standard American Diet is mostly processed foods.

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