Elon Musk and the Legal Ramifications of the Twitter Deal

Available for Interviews: Zaki Tamir

Zaki Issac Tamir, Esq., is an international lawyer the founder and managing partner of Tamir Law Group, practicing law in commercial and civil ligation, family law, and business/corporate legal counseling.

What Zaki Tamir can say in an interview about
The Elon Musk / Twitter Deal:

We should be concerned about what Elon Musk is going to do with Twitter and we should certainly be watching very carefully.
  • The federal lawsuit against Musk brought by Twitter investors essentially claims that Musk intentionally and unlawfully hid the fact that he was actively purchasing an increased amount of Twitter stock (more than 72 million shares to date) in order to mislead other investors about how much the stock was really worth. If Musk had disclosed that he purchased more than 9% of Twitter over the span of a few months, as he was legally required to do, the stock would have shot up in value because of the demand, and the “average Joe” investor could have made a pretty penny on the increased value that came as a result of the demand. When it was later discovered that Musk owns 9.1% of Twitter and intends to buy the company the stock shot up as expected by 27%.

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Accidental CEO: Through the Higher Education Looking Glass

Available for Interviews: Dr. Hope Umansky

Dr. Hope Umansky is an American Culture College Professor with a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She is also an author on educational reform, equity, inclusion, and social justice.

What Dr. Hope can say in an interview on
Women in Higher Education C-Suite Roles:

    • Coming off the heels of this week’s story in the World Economic Forum  that reports that only 22% of the leadership positions of America’s top research universities are filled by women, even though women have acquired more degrees than men over the last 40 years, according to a new report by the Eos Foundation.*
    • Dr. Hope considers herself an “accidental CEO”—who rose through the ranks of a private graduate school—only to then become disenfranchised. Learn why!

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Financial Lessons From the Pandemic (and what you can do now)

Available for Interviews: Harry Abrahamsen

Harry J. Abrahamsen is Founder & CEO Abrahamsen Financial Group. His company offers customized wealth management solutions—creating plans and portfolios that protect, preserve, and grow clients’ wealth. He was selected as one of the ten most dependable Wealth Managers in the Mid-Atlantic as published in Forbes magazine.

What Harry Abramhamsen can say in an interview on
Financial Planning For the Future:

There are risks that are regularly discussed: trade wars, the next quarter’s returns, budget deficit forecasts, and elections. But the real risks are the things that aren’t being discussed yet—the ones that weren’t predicted: pandemics, September 11, Pearl Harbor, the Lehman Brothers not being able to find a buyer. (Yes, 2008 was so devastating that the name Lehman Brothers, one of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world at the time, was treated like a leper because of their balance sheet.)

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Financial Literacy: How to Close the Learning Gaps

Available for Interviews: Chris Janeway

Chris Janeway is Founder & CEO Fourth Point Wealth and coaches investors throughout southern CA.  He is also a national speaker, financial coach, and advocate for financial literacy.

What Chris Janeway can say in an interview about
Financial Literacy:

* Financial Literacy Gaps at Home & School. There’s a combination of multiple issues in the marketplace for financial literacy. First and foremost, most adults aren’t taught any form of financial literacy through either their schools or their parents at home when they were younger. As we get older it becomes harder and harder to not only understand and admit our own lack of knowledge, but we also struggle to know where to find reputable information. Along with that, we run into an issue of competing priorities. As we age we’re in the midst of our careers, raising families, and all of the busyness that life can bring. Taking the extra time to increase our financial knowledge often goes to the bottom of the pile.

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5 Hidden Benefits of Managing a Team Remotely

Available for Interviews:  Leni Rivera

Leni Rivera is a Workplace Experience specialist and author of the very first book in the industry, Workplace Experience. Her passion is creating work environments that enable employees to be both productive and happy, regardless of where that is. 

What Leni Rivera can say in an interview
The 5 Hidden Benefits of Managing Remotely:

Transitioning into the new normal of a remote work environment has been seamless for most workers coming out of the pandemic. In fact, in Gallup’s recent State of the Workforce study, 91% of American workers expressed the desire to continue to work remotely at least some of the time as their companies transition into this new normal.

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QR Codes: Scanners Beware! Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Available for Interviews:  Paul Tracey

Paul Tracey is the Founder & CEO of Innovative Technologies, a Managed Security Service Provider in New York, and is a national speaker, cyber security educator, small business advocate, and author of Delete The Hacker Playbook and Cyber Storm.

What Paul Tracey can say in an interview on
QR Codes:


      • QR codes can be extremely dangerous if we are not vigilant about checking where they resolve to.
      • QR codes can and are used repeatedly at every stage of attacks. They have proven to be quite effective with phishing attacks.

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6 Steps to Automate Your Life, Automate Your Retirement Savings

Available for Interviews: Suzanne Powell

Suzanne Powell Suzanne is the founder of Capital Strategies Group, and acting Vice-President of Meridian Wealth Management. She is also the author of the newly released book, The Ultimate Money Moves for Women Over 50.

What Suzanne Powell could say on
6 Steps to Automate Your Retirement Savings:

A financial advisor shares strategies to get ahead
(for very little money)
      • We’re all so busy. We think we’ll do things tomorrow, but the years pass us by.
      • Good news, there are 6 easy steps for getting your retirement savings going:

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Catch Some Rays: 7 Amazing Health Benefits of the Sun

Available for Interviews: Dr. Michael Evangel

Dr. Michael S. Evangel, Chiropractic Physician, is the owner of the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Paramus, NJ. For over 30 years, his mission is to provide state-of-the-art, high-quality care to people of all ages. 

What Dr. Micheal Evangel Can Say in an Interview
the Benefits of Sun Exposure:

Normally around this time of year, as it starts to get warmer, we get bombarded with messages about the harmful effects of the sun—sunburns, skin cancer, premature aging, etc. However, it should not be forgotten that there are many additional benefits of sunshine besides producing vitamin D. Here are 7 amazing health benefits of sun exposure.

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5 Ways Women Neglect Their Health

Available for Interviews: Dr. Mimi Secor

Dr. Mimi Secor DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN, is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in Women’s Health for over 40 years. She is a sought-after national speaker and consultant who has been featured in numerous local and national media outlets. Dr. Mimi is also a fitness and health advocate, is passionate about helping women to lose weight and feel great, and is the author of the newest book,  Healthy & Fit at Any Age: A Guide to Creating Mindset, Nutrition, and Exercise Habits for Busy Women.

What Dr. Mimi Secor can say about
The Ways Women Neglect Their Health:

Women do a great job of taking care of their spouses, children, and others in their lives. Unfortunately many are neglecting themselves and it is a real problem.

    1. Not getting enough sleep. When we don’t get enough rest, our cortisol hormone increases, poor decisions abound, and potential cardiovascular issues can crop up. Continue reading “5 Ways Women Neglect Their Health”

The Teacher Retention Crisis Could Cripple Our Education System. Here’s How to Solve it.

Available for Interviews:  Nadine Levitt

Nadine Levitt is an education advocate, speaker, and the CEO & Founder of WURRLYedu, an educational technology platform. Nadine specializes in the social-emotional curriculum (SEL), and she is also the author of the children’s book, My Mama Says Inside Me Lives a Village. 

What Nadine Levitt can say
The Teacher Retention Crisis

  • The National Education Association (NEA) survey released in January 2022, showed that 55% of educators are thinking about leaving the profession earlier than they had planned (up from 37% in August 2021). EdWeek reported similar numbers with 54% of teachers saying they are “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to leave the teaching profession in the next year. 

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