American Rescue Plan Includes Home Health Care

Available for Interviews:  Dr. Cleamon Moorer, Jr.

Cleamon Moorer, Jr., DBA, is President and CEO, American Advantage Home Care, Inc. His home healthcare agency has served thousands of patients all throughout Metro Detroit. He is also the bestselling author of From Failure to Promise: 360 Degrees.

What Dr. Moorer can say in an interview about
American Rescue Plan and Home Health Care:

The American Rescue Plan was recently passed in Washington, providing a 1.9 trillion to Coronavirus relief package for the United States. It will likely positively affect home-based care organizations and other providers caring for seriously ill populations.

      • Home- and community-based services (HCBS) Federal Medicaid Assistance Percentage (FMAP) payment boost was even higher than expected. Instead of a 7.35% hike to HCBS funding, the stimulus bill now includes a 10% increase.
      • 12 states could receive additional funding for expanding their Medicaid programs. (22.8 Billion) over the next 2 years.
      • Increases in ACA subsidies help many home health aides/workers to better budget ACA plans.
      • Home health care companies are also reimbursed $40.00 per vaccination in the new plan.
      • Child care provisions could assist home health workers with work-life balance and managing child care expenses.

Full Article in Home Health Care News Here:

House Passes $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan, Securing Relief for Home-Based Care Providers


Interview:  Dr. Cleamon Moorer, Jr.

Dr. Cleamon Moorer, Jr. holds a Doctorate of Business Administration and a post-grad Certificate in Excellence for Healthcare Professionals from Cornell University. He is President and CEO of American Advantage Home Care, Inc., which he and his spouse, Nicole C. Willis-Moorer, own and operate. Their agency has grown by 1000% over the last 18 months and provides home healthcare services to homebound patients in Detroit and beyond. 

Dr. Moorer is a TEDx Speaker and has been recognized and featured locally and nationally as a healthcare business leader, former business school dean, entrepreneur, and community advocate on ABC, FOX, NBC, Black Enterprise Magazine, Crain’s Detroit Business, DBusiness Magazine, Michigan Chronicle, and Network Journal (NYC).

Moorer hosts a biweekly podcast, Home Health Care Today Show, in an effort to inform, inspire, influence, and educate listeners about a variety of health and wellness topics, and is also the bestselling author of From Failure to Promise: 360 Degrees, a memoir in which he chronicled his journey from college flunk-out—to engineer, consultant, business school dean, educator, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.


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