Are Google and Amazon Always Listening?

Interview: Dwight Holcomb.

Dwight Holcomb is a marketing guru who can explore the latest digital video marketing strategies that can excite your audience and help them to reach and surpass their business goals.

Talking Points from Dwight Holcomb 
on high-tech marketing:

Always Listening?
Are Google and Amazon Listening—and Then Marketing to You?

Have you ever been speaking about a product or a service with someone and then quite strangely, receive a pop-up advertisement about that very product or service? 

In an interview with Dwight, he can discuss what most of the big tech companies already know about you, how they know it, and what that means to you as a consumer. 

He’ll also look at this from the perspective of a marketer and discover how much more power you have at your fingertips because of the data at our disposal.

Find out what is going on behind closed doors . . . they already know!


Available for Interviews: Dwight Holcomb.

Dwight W. Holcomb is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller The Lean CMO: How Small Marketing Budget Can Produce Big Results, is a Member of the Forbes Business Council and the host of the business television show, “SaaS CEO Success TV.” The show airs on the C-Suite TV Network which has global distribution in over 59 million households and more than 90 million views per month.

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