Beating Seasonal Allergies

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Here are some talking points on the subject of allergies—how to eliminate sources of allergens in our households and foods, and how to best treat using a more holistic approach:

Allergic Reactions

When exposed to an allergen, the body triggers the immune system to go into action. The immune system cells, known as “mast cells,” release a substance called histamine that attaches to receptors in blood vessels causing them to enlarge. Histamine also binds to other receptors causing redness, swelling, itching and changes in secretion.

Factors That Can Influence Allergens

  • Climate
  • Trees, grass, ragweed, pollen, and mold thrive during cool nights and warm days

The Allopathic Way of Treating Allergies Is With Medication

  • This approach treats the symptoms
  • There are dangerous side-effects using these chemicals increase
  • There are healthier options

    Eliminate Sources of Household Allergens

  • Replace old pillows, rugs, and blankets
  • Wash, dry stuffed animals
  • Wash and dry bed sheets and blankets at least twice a  month

Eliminate Sources of Food Allergens

  • Avoid white sugar
  • Avoid dairy products
  • Avoid grains a common allergen in children
  • Eat whole foods that are prepared at home.

BOOST the Immune System Naturally

  • Eat Healthier foods will actually help to alleviate reactions as well as increasing immunity
  • The Nervous system plays an important role in the health of the immune system
  • Chiropractic adjustments remove interference from the nervous system, thereby boosting the immune system       


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