Criminal Lawyer & Former Apprentice Contestant says: US Citizens Committed Felony Burglary of the Capitol—Face Federal Prison

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Stacy Schneider, Esq., trial Attorney, nationally recognized television personality, columnist, and author, has appeared as a Legal Analyst on Fox NewsFox Business NewsCNN, and HLN, commenting on high-profile civil and criminal cases and constitutional law. She has filled-in as a Legal Contributor on the long-running “Is it Legal?” segment on The O’Reilly Factor.

 What Veteran Criminal Defense Attorney and former Apprentice contestant Stacy Schneider says about the events of the Capital Building Siege:
“US citizens breaking and entering into the US Capitol committed Burglary, a federal criminal offense on US government property.”

Once they stormed the Capitol building, the rioters became illegal trespassers. Those who entered the building by smashing windows or armed with baseball bats and makeshift weapons are burglars—illegally entering property with intent to commit a crime therein. How one illegally enters property makes the difference between a misdemeanor (trespass) and a felony (burglary).
Citizens who entered Congressional offices and vandalized them are also guilty of felony burglary.
Crimes committed inside a Federal building or on Federal property are Federal crimes.
The burglars will be swiftly identified and caught by police—abundant video surveillance in the nation’s Capitol can be used with facial recognition technology to ID perpetrators. Fingerprints on Nancy Pelosi’s desk can be dusted to ID the vandal who invaded her office.
Many other crimes were committed: property damage, criminal mischief, interference with law enforcement, assaults on police officers, terroristic threats, etc.

Interview: Stacy Schneider

Stacy Schneider has tried cases within the criminal justice system and the civil courts. She has also provided legal commentary and analysis on headline-making trials, Grand Juries, Congressional actions, corporate liabilities, and Constitutional violations for print, digital, and television broadcast media.

She has served on media legal panels discussing privacy, cyber law, hacking, government regulations, corporate liabilities, criminal law, family law, civil rights, congressional actions, and politics. She has been featured in The New York TimesUSA TodayNew York PostMarie ClaireTV Guide, and on dozens of nationally syndicated radio shows. She is a legal contributor for the Huffington Post.

Stacy Schneider is the recipient of the Thurgood Marshall Award for exemplary service to the cause of justice in the United States. The award honors US Supreme Justice Thurgood Marshall, who epitomized individual commitment, in word and action, to the cause of civil action in this country. The award recognizes similar long-term contributions by other members of the legal profession to the advancement of civil rights, civil liberties, and human rights in the United States.

Schneider is the author of He Had It Coming: How to Outsmart Your Husband and Win Your Divorce (Simon & Schuster),  a divorce guidebook on women’s legal rights and remedies.

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