Cryptocurrency: Know the Real Facts Before Betting Your House

Available for Interviews: Chris Janeway

Chris Janeway is Founder & CEO Fourth Point Wealth and coaches investors throughout southern CA.  He is also a national speaker, financial coach, and advocate for financial literacy.

What Chris Janeway can say in an interview about
Inflation and 401ks:

Some points to keep in mind are the following when it comes to managing a 401k investment:

      • Every day we’re hearing about the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency investing.  The Superbowl ads this year pushed the “FOMO” aspect of this trend as hard as they could
      • Those that are new(er) to the cryptocurrency investing market need to be aware of some of the key, but often not discussed, risks involved.
      • How should investors evaluate the various cryptocurrencies?  What is investable vs not?
      • Where should you open accounts? How do I protect my cryptocurrency investments?


Interviews: Chris Janeway

PChris Janeway is Founder & CEO Fourth Point Wealth, a wealth management and coaching firm which manages over $100 million, helping families build confidence and grow their wealth.

Chris founded Fourth Point Wealth to fix the broken investor experience. Chris works with individuals and organizations who value collaboration with a financial coach, and he’s developed a process that helps investors identify their goals, pinpoint gaps, and truly understand their wealth. Chris is passionate about client education and believes that, through a clear focus on coaching, investors are more likely to remain confident and committed to their long-term plan and avoid common imprudent decisions that damage our financial future.

When Chris is away from the office, he loves to golf, coach youth sports, and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Katy, and their sons, Brennan and Graham.

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