Millennials Make Money By Texting with New App

First time, new technology … Tech startup paying users to host ads in their text conversations (right in the text bubble.)

Available for Interviews:
Leonard Butterman, Founder & CEO

What Leonard  and Stacy can say in interviews:
-Millennials (and everyone else) can now get paid to text

-People get paid up to $50 per month for opting in to these ads. Millennials are a group very open and willing to get paid for allowing ads in texts.

-People add the Slam Ad service and receive short, targeted ads that appear right in your native texting app, right in the same text bubbles.

– Millennials text between 120-130 texts per day

-SlamAd will pay either pay you or pay directly into a college savings account or charity of your choice

-Can ads be part of the conversation?  This tech startup says yes.

-This technology is patent pending and Slam Ad is the first company to get inside the text bubble.



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Jo Allison


Press Release:


Newcomer mobile app Slam Ad, the App that Pays,™ is out to disrupt the digital advertising industry, promising profits for its users who download the app and host ads in their text messages, according to a recent Dow Jones Market Watch report.

Most digital platforms–websites, social networks, and mobile video games–worry about their users complaining if too many ads appear on screen.  But not Slam Ad, a first to market, digital advertising vehicle designed to introduce ads, discount offers, and product announcements into text messaging. The company’s patent pending technology embeds discrete ads inside text message bubbles and then pays the sender every time an ad appears.  

The users who download Slam Ad want to receive as many ads as the app allows, since they get paid in cash and gift cards to host advertisements in their own text message conversations.  They also have the option of donating their Slam Ad cash to their favorite charity or making a contribution to a college tuition 529 plan account. Slam Ad members can earn up to $50 a month just for sending texts through the app or their own mobile carrier.

It works when there is an authentic text conversation between friends or family. The patent pending technology automatically sends Slam Ad members a short, concise, targeted ad inside the text bubble. The ad contains a coupon, discount code, or product announcement relevant to the text conversation. For example, if the parties are talking about the latest Star Wars movie, they may see an offer for a free popcorn and soda at AMC Theaters.

A mobile messaging advert platform, where the ads themselves are a commodity for the user instead of a nuisance to be avoided, creates an entrance for mobile commerce into a once untouchable frontier. Slam Ad is poised to disrupt the world of digital advertising, and its users are set to be a little richer from the transformation.

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