Supplements: A World of Good in Challenging Times

     Over the past 20 years, Dr. Auerbach has attended many nutriceutical conferences to learn about the different supplements on the market and how they can be used in therapeutic programs.  She is very knowledgeable about products from professional nutriceutical companies, local Health Food Stores, and products from network distribution companies.

Interview:  Andrea Auerback

Dr. Andrea Auerback, DC, CACCP, Webster-Certified chiropractor in the NY Metropolitan area. She specializes in prenatal and pediatric care and holds an advanced certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Talking Points On Supplements:

     As part of a nutritional program, supplements are often supportive.  There is a new field of science that has emerged entitled “Nutrigenomics:”

      • It is the study of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression and it is emerging as a new treatment paradigm for autoimmune diseases.
      • Research suggests that nutritional interventions may play a key role in addressing many autoimmune diseases.

Many people who already are symptomatic, even if not yet suffering from chronic or autoimmune disease, have had nutritional deficiencies for such a long time that they initially need support greater than what their diets can provide.

     In addition, the environmental challenges that we face today—the depletion of our soil, the toxins that we  breathe and eat and the daily emotional and economic stresses we experience necessitate higher intake of nutrients beyond what can be obtained from our diets.

     Therefore, initially a supplement program can help to boost deficiencies and ease some symptoms while permanent nutritional and lifestyle changes are in process.


Available for Interviews: Dr. Andrea Auerbach

Dr. Andrea Auerback ‘s healing hands, warm heart and deep concern for her patients make her the leading sought-after chiropractor in New York’s metropolitan area where she has been practicing for over thirteen years.

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