Flying the Friendly, Healthier Skies: 9 Tips From a Frequent Flyer

Interview Dr. Mimi Secor. Here are some talking points on the subject of air travel and our health. Dr. Secor addresses some of our common concerns when flying and offers some practical tips to mitigate the risks associated with this form of travel.

The holidays are coming up and you know what that means . . . increased travel to visit with loved ones!
Whenever we take a flight—any flight, short or long—germs and other health risks abound. What exactly are we exposing ourselves to?
Common Health Concerns While Flying
  • Germs are common on airplanes particularly on surfaces in the seat areas and bathrooms.
  • Many communicable diseases can easily spread on airplanes. A timely example is the measles. Measles is highly contagious because it is air-borne and uniquely infectious because it can remain in the air for up to two hours after an infected person leaves the room/air space. Continue reading “Flying the Friendly, Healthier Skies: 9 Tips From a Frequent Flyer”