How to Correct 5 Common Coronavirus Mistakes When Out in Public

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Dr. Tammy Penhollow is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, specializing in anesthesiology, pain management, and regenerative medicine. Having over 20 years of experience has helped her to cultivate a passion for regenerative medicine and holistic healing. Dr. Penhollow practices at Precision Regenerative Medicine in the greater Phoenix area.


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How to Correct Common Coronavirus Mistakes When Out in Public:

Learning physical distancing and advanced hygiene is not something that comes naturally to such a social society. Many of the habits we’re being asked to learn or relearn may seem like common sense when we think about a highly contagious and transmissible infection, but unless we are in the healthcare field, and more specifically, in a procedure-related job such as an operating room or other area where sterile procedure is the norm, this is not easy. Many of the actions below can be learned and incorporated into everyday life, and it’s likely the changes may decrease our risk not only of Coronavirus, but the common cold and flu as well.

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