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Available for Interviews: Trae Bodge

Trae Bodge (“True Trae”) is a shopping expert and the national spokesperson for GiftYa, which is an exciting, new way to send gifts to the people we care about. GiftYa is like the Venmo of Gifting. Sending Gift Cards, are old, impersonal, and out-dated. Sending GiftYa by text is new, exciting, can be personalized, can never be lost, and wont lose value.

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Digital Gift Giving:

  • The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and we’re hearing rumblings of shipping delays.
  • No big surprise after online shopping surged over 20% on Black Friday—historically an in-store shopping day! 

  • Even Cyber Monday sales broke the all-time U.S. record, with $10.8 billion in sales, up 15.1% from last year, and setting a record for the biggest online sales day in U.S. history.  
  • Due to the pandemic, many of us won’t be seeing loved ones this holiday season. Many people will be shipping gifts instead. But what if it doesn’t get there in time? A great option that will avoid risking panic and disappointment is to simply opt for gifts that don’t have to be shipped at all. 
  • The new offering GiftYa, the Venmo of gift cards, is the perfect solution for this year’s holiday gift giving. Why? This new digital gift giving platform allows friends and family to attach videos, pictures, graphics, etc., to customize their gift and bring a little of family to those they can’t see in person. 
  • From your phone or computer, GiftYa allows one to send a virtual gift card to their loved ones from thousands of well-known and loved national and local merchants/brands around the United States. The recipient can use their “gift card” by connecting it to their credit or debit card, 
  • GiftYa gives the freedom to allow recipients to switch retailers electronically if they’d prefer to shop elsewhere—so the gift will always be used.
  • Trae Bodge, Smart Shopping Expert at truetrae.com is here to share the best of the best. 
  • At GiftYa, their mission is to empower people to text a personalized gift in seconds, for any merchant, that never loses value, and cannot be lost or stolen. This enables people to show love in a faster, more beautiful and meaningful way. We have over 15,000 locations now and is growing.
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The new offering GiftYa, the Venmo of gift cards, is the perfect solution for this years holiday gifting giving.


Interview: Trae Bodge

Trae Bodge is a smart retail expert with a passion for helping people save money and get the best value from their purchases. She is now excited in helping to get the word out about GiftYa, the newest trend in digital gift-giving—and a most welcome safe and convenient way to shop during our trying times amidst the Coronavirus. GiftYa, a beautifully presented personalized gift alternative that cannot be lost or stolen, provides the ability to buy an e-gift for any merchant—local and national, small and large—anywhere in the country and delivered in seconds. From the convenience of your smartphone, you can deliver an immediate e-gift, or schedule it for a special date, personalize it with a photo or video, a message, and most importantly, select that special local store, restaurant, spa or bed and breakfast that lets the recipient know and appreciate how much thought went into it.

Trae is a super saavy shopper with a love for thrift stores, modern art, good food, and exploring new places. When she’s not helping the masses find the best deals out there, she’s hanging with her 14-year-old daughter, Sadie Mae and her husband, Chris. See why True Trae is the consumer’s best friend. Happy Shopping!

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