3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Texting and Start Yelling

That Could be the Key to Keeping your Teeth

What Dr. Mandy Kouroshnia can say in an interview:

  • When you are angry with someone, you naturally clench your teeth in frustration and hold all of the angesity in your jaw and face, instead of picking up the phone to text your frustrations put it to your ear and start talking about why you are angry.
  • It will prevent you from clenching and exerting stress and force on your teeth, muscles of your head and neck and the joint that holds your upper and lower jaws together(TMJ).

  • It prevents craze-line which are like having little fine lines in a piece of China, over time they will lead to tooth staining, discoloration and possibly the actual cracking of your teeth in the stressed areas which are due to continued occlusal trauma (trauma due to heavy/ inappropriate forces while biting)
  • It protects from losing tooth structure at the gumline (abfraction) which weakens your teeth and can literally cause them to fall into the ditch that’s created by your gums
  • You might actually prevent a lot of miscommunication by talking vs texting  

    Available for Interviews:
     Dr. Mandy Kouroshnia

    Dr. Mandy Kouroshnia has attended McMaster University in Hamilton Canada, majoring in Biochemistry. Completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery at the renowned Art Dugoni School of Dentistry in SanFrancisco in June of 2004. After a few years working as an associate in southern California and teaching at Loma Linda University in a restorative department, she opened her own practice in Fresno, California.


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