4 Negotiation Takeaways From Harry & Meghan’s Split From the Royal Family

Interview Carol Barkes

Carol Barkes is a trend-setting mediator, business executive and educator specializing in the use of neuroscience to improve business performance, interpersonal communications, negotiation and conflict resolution processes for optimally successful results.

Talking Points From Carol Barkes On
4 Negotiation Takeaways From
Harry & Meghan’s Split From the Royal Family:


  1. Other people’s people can often make the problem worse than the original issue. We love our friends, family, and advocates for their undying support. That said, these same people can make our conflicts worse by only seeing our side and creating “evil plot twists” that make us look better at the expense of the person with whom we are having the conflict with. This tends to make matters more complicated and can skew the original points of contention. Instead, ask your supporters to stand down and leave this matter to the parties involved. Try not to triangulate the matter by talking to other people who are not involved with the situations. Stick to having conversations with the parties you are in conflict with and only seek to brainstorm with others about how to resolve them.

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Achieving Financial Wellness in 2020

Interview Kathleen E. Owings.

Financial Advisor, Kathleen Owings can discuss the topic of how to go about finding and hiring the right financial planner for your individual or family needs.

Talking  points that Kathleen Owings
on Achieving Financial Wellness:

Managing one’s money isn’t just good for supporting yourself or your bottom line; It is essential for good mental and overall health. Money problems can be detrimental to your health and the relationships of those around you. Money problems can also cause stress on marriages and impact your children, too. Developing good money habits can not only be personally beneficial, but also something you can pass onto your children so they develop those healthy habits, too.

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