‘Comics Who Care’ Caption Cartoons to Support Mental Health through COVID-19 (and beyond)

Available for Interviews:
Dara Barlin, a former global peace-builder and specialist in the area of culture transformation in the workplace. She is the creator of Comics Who Care.

‘Comics Who Care’ Caption Cartoons to Support Mental Health through COVID-19 (and beyond)

Anxiety, depression, suicide and domestic violence are all on the rise during COVID-19; and now a group of professional Stand Up comedians have signed up to help address it. The comedians are offering funny one liners for a ‘Caption This!’ Cartoon Contest supporting mental health through COVID-19. The cartoons represent how various households behave during the pandemic – from the worst human tendencies, to the best. The captions Continue reading “‘Comics Who Care’ Caption Cartoons to Support Mental Health through COVID-19 (and beyond)”

What You Need to Know (When Placing a Loved One in a Facility)

Available for Interviews:  Martha Jo Patterson

Martha Jo Patterson is a Certified Elder Law Attorney and is passionate about helping the elderly, disabled, as well as families who have special challenges both in taking care of their loved ones and managing legal matters.

What Martha Jo Patterson can say in an interview about
elder care and the need to place a loved one in a facilty:

1.  Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits may be available to help pay for a facility.

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Stocks Doing Well During the Pandemic

Available for Interviews: Harry Abrahamsen.

Harry J. Abrahamsen is Founder & CEO Abrahamsen Financial Group. His company offers customized wealth management solutions—creating plans and portfolios that protect, preserve, and grow client’s wealth. He was selected as one of the ten most dependable Wealth Managers in the Mid-Atlantic as published in Forbes magazine.


What Harry Abramhamsen Can Say About
Stocks That Are Doing Well Right Now:

Certain sectors in the financial services industry are booming, specifically the fixed index annuity space. The main reason is people can safe harbor their money, guarantee their principle, and ride the markets up—without ever losing money to market risk ever again.

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Phishing and Cybercrime Issues During the Pandemic

Available for Interviews Phil Crowley

Philip P. Crowley, is a dedicated attorney who has been handling legal matters for pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical devices, information technology and other technology companies for over 30 years. He has also spent nearly 25 years on the board of trustees of the Stevens Institute of Technology, with substantial involvement in the oversight of academic innovation and entrepreneurship.


Talking Points from Phil Crowley
on Phishing/Cyber Crime During the Pandemic:

How Cybercriminals Are
Taking Advantage of the Pandemic

Whenever there is a crisis or emergency, many groups spring up to help those affected.  The situation provides perfect cover for unscrupulous people to create an appealing “charity” with a worthy “purpose” to provide assistance.  It’s in circumstances like this that it’s wise to give only to

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Better Adapt to Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue

Available for Interviews: Dr. Eldred Taylor

Interview Dr. Eldred Taylor to answer all of your women’s health questions regarding hormonal imbalances and how to correct them. Dr. Taylor is a leader in the hormone industry and is passionate about helping women while using a holistic functional medicine approach.

Talking Points for an Interview with Dr. Taylor
on Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue

Don’t let the COVID-19 hijack your physical and mental health

Do you find yourself anxious and overwhelmed throughout the day? Ever get 8+ hours of sleep but still wake up tired? Or wake up in the middle of the night wide awake? These patterns could be signs of an adrenal gland problem. The adrenal glands are small glands located on top of each kidney. They produce hormones that you can’t live without, including sex

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Flying for the First Time (Since the COVID Outbreak)

Available for Interviews:  Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is an author, advocate, and journalist. He writes six weekly columns about customer service, with a special emphasis on travel and technology. His work reaches more than 10 million readers a week.

“This didn’t look like any airport I’d ever seen; I felt like an extra in a movie about Armageddon.”

Read the following article from The Washington Post, on the journalist’s recent experience of flying both internationally and domestically with his three teenage sons. Elliott recounts his experience of what it was like to travel for the first time since being stuck abroad for two months during COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown:

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National Keep Smiling Week / National Smile Day

And now . . . something to smile about!

National Keep Smiling Week will be May 25 ending May 31, 2020, National Smile Day. We need it this year more than ever.

AVAILABLE for Interviews:
Ken Rochon, Co-Founder of the Keep Smiling Movement

The Keep Smiling Movement, Inc, A 501(3)C Global Mental Health Organization Is Designed To Increase HOPE & HAPPINESS By Distributing Keep Smiling Cards In 27 Languages & Positive Message Cards; Motivational Social Media Outreach; Distribution Of Ebooks With Inspirational Stories Featuring Photographs Of Change Makers, Celebrities & Influencers; & Mental Health Programs All Created To Raise Awareness To Heal Millions. 

Imagine 264 Million People Suffering from Depression Now Having a Reason to SMILE!

The Keep Smiling Movement is stepping up to counteract the adverse effects of COVID-19 during National Mental Health Month. Giving a “DOSE of HOPE,” this mental-health nonprofit organization celebrates National Keep Smiling Week starting May 25 ending May 31, 2020, National Smile Day. 

 With 45% of Americans stating they suffer from anxiety, fear, and depression (1), 2020’s statistics will skyrocket past 2019’s reported 264 million suffering from depression. With those staggering numbers, this year will surpass last year’s statistics of 800,000 people who took their lives unable to handle the stressors facing them. For every successful suicide, another 20 people attempted suicide.

 Determined to make a change, the Keep Smiling Movement is making a stand to give people a reason to smile, to find joy, and to save lives. To them, a smile is the universal expression of love and acceptance that crosses all boundaries.  

In 2015, Ken Rochon, Co-Founder and Celebrity Event Photographer, was seeking purpose and passion, a new way of living after losing his mother to Alzheimer’s several years prior. He was seeking a way to lead a life of legacy as a model for his son, K3. Then, he met Barry Shore, Co-Founder and Ambassador of Joy, a man who radiated JOY when he handed Ken a card imprinted ‘Keep Smiling.” 

Rochon was moved by Barry’s story, a successful serial entrepreneur with three patents who became a quadriplegic overnight from a rare autoimmune disease. Finding his smile to over adversity, he willed his body to almost fully functioning after 14 years of quadriplegia despite doctors saying he would never walk again.  

Shore was determined to raise the joy level of people’s lives by passing out 10 million cards by 2020. Therefore, inspired to help him, Ken asked permission to create a viral movement out of the ‘Keep Smiling’ cards. With a JOYFUL, ‘Yeah, Baby!’ Barry agreed. Ken had found his purpose and passion. 

Ken Rochon quickly enlisted Andrea Adams-Miller, an International Publicist for help. Andrea, now Executive Director of the Keep Smiling Movement, was looking for her purpose, too. She also wanted to inspire others to find happiness through adversity. The fall before meeting Ken, her daughter was in a tragic horse accident the same day her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time. 


Both of her family members thrived by staying positive, and upon meeting Ken, Andrea was instantly moved to support Ken and Barry wholeheartedly. In 2019, she made their dream a nonprofit, the Keep Smiling Movement, Inc, a 501(3)c nonprofit mental health organization designed to increase HOPE and HAPPINESS. 


Ken Rochon’s viral vision and hard work of taking thousands of ‘Keep Smiling’ photos led to the creation of the first Keep Smiling: Shift Happens book. Now a book series, these 140 co-authored books feature stories of triumph over challenges and motivational quotes. Additionally, they feature smile photos of Change Makers, Celebrities, and Influencers holding Keep Smiling cards. Co-Authors include Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of Business Network International; Wm. Paul Young, Author of The Shack; Wayne Connell, Founder of InvisibleDisabilities.org; Michael Mann, Actor”; and many more.


As a team with their new Chief of Operations, Krystylle Richardson, Business Transformation Strategist & International Missionary, they achieve these goals by distributing Keep Smiling cards and positive message cards, delivering positive social media outreach; and publishing inspirational photo books. 


Additionally, they have a mental health curriculum to overcome limiting beliefs, generate positivity, and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Their online Facebook page ‘The Keep Smiling Ambassadors’ welcomes the public to join in S.M.I.L.E.S., a Society Merging International Leaders and Entrepreneurs for Social-Responsibility. Also, they generate advocacy and awareness for over 20 other nonprofit organizations. These organizations provide niche programs and services for people in need, including Veterans, Homelessness, Orphans, Foster Care, Cancer Survivor, Self Esteem, & more.


Interview: Ken Rochon.

Ken Rochon, is Co-Founder of the Keep Smiling Movement. To interview the team, to get your cards, to donate, and to support the Keep Smiling Movement in spreading a ‘DOSE of HOPE’ by being an Keep Smiling Ambassador, visit www.TheKeepSmilingMovement.com or reach out to info@TheKeepSmilingMovement.com.

Jo Allison
Managing Editor
Director of Public Relations
Success In Media, Inc.



1)    Nirmita PanchalRabah KamalKendal OrgeraCynthia CoxRachel GarfieldLiz HamelCailey Muñana, and Priya Chidambaram, The Implications of COVID-19 for Mental Health and Substance Use, KFF, April 21, 2020. https://www.kff.org/coronavirus-covid-19/issue-brief/the-implications-of-covid-19-for-mental-health-and-substance-use/

Are We Headed Toward Another Stock Market Crash?

Available for Interviews: Harry Abrahamsen.

Harry J. Abrahamsen is Founder & CEO Abrahamsen Financial Group. His company offers customized wealth management solutions—creating plans and portfolios that protect, preserve, and grow client’s wealth. He was selected as one of the ten most dependable Wealth Managers in the Mid-Atlantic as published in Forbes magazine. 


Talking Points from Harry Abramhamsen on
If We Are Heading Toward a Stock Market Crash:

As we navigate uncharted waters in our modern day pandemic, there is a tremendous financial impact felt in both global markets and by people around the world.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp Right Now

Interview:Carol Barkes


Carol Barkes is a conflict resolution expert, mediator, national speaker, educator and bestselling author who uniquely applies neuroscience to the fields of conflict resolution and negotiations. Her expert perspective is always fresh and relevant.


Some Talking Points from Carol Barkes
on How to Keep Your Mind Sharp
Like our bodies, as we age it is important to keep our minds as healthy as can be. Here are some actionable science-based suggestions that can accomplish this and help slowdown the aging process in the brain:

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How to Raise Children With Healthy Self-Esteem

Interview with Dr. Colleen Cira:

Dr. Colleen Cira is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist a trauma and anxiety expert, clinical supervisor, writer, speaker, consultant, and activist. She has been published numerously offering practical advice and tips to those seeking self-help.

Talking Points from Dr. Cira on
Raising Kids With Healthy Self-Esteem:

I’ve worked with hundreds of people struggling with childhoods that they need to recover from and therefore, low self-esteem.  I am one of these folks as well so I have a unique perspective, and a lot to say, about this particular issue. Break the cycle of low self-esteem with these constructive strategies.

How do we raise kids with healthy self-esteem?