Criminal Prosecutor Can Talk About Trump Search Warrant and Deposition

Available for Interviews: Zaki Tamir

Zaki Issac Tamir, Esq., is an international lawyer the founder and managing partner of Tamir Law Group, practicing law in commercial and civil ligation, family law, and business/corporate legal counseling.

What Zaki Tamir can say in an interview about
Trump’s Legal Ramifications:

    • There is an element of invasion here, but a legally justified one.
    • The analysis often falls on whether specific political motivations taint the legal justification.

    • Regardless of the legal justification, the spirit of the law has been tarnished for many Americans.
    • It was more invasive last time when there was a raid on Michael Cohen’s office because the grounds were very weak there. In this case, it was totally justified because DJT actually took 15 boxes to Florida. He later tried to use that as an indication of how open and notorious the delivery was and how it was returned, but that is not an issue that harms the USC expectation of privacy in my opinion.
    • There is a separate issue of policy and how DJT did cause many policies to change in government for the good and the bad. This is one of the unofficial policies that back-fired.
    • Search warrant cases are almost always upheld as long as the correct target was searched regardless of the result and the court has broad discretion especially under the blanket of national security.
    • One thing is for sure, the FBI succeeded in cementing the gap between the polar sides of politics.


Interview: Zaki Tamir

Zaki Tamir, Esq., is the founder and managing partner of Tamir Law Group.

Upon graduation from law school in 2004, Mr. Tamir began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, NY, where he tried many complex felony trials. He resigned from his position at the DA in 2009 to open the Tamir Law Group.

Since entering private practice, Mr. Tamir has expanded his practice to include commercial and civil litigation, family law, and business/corporate legal counseling. He also continues to specialize in complex criminal matters from DUIs to homicides.

Tamir is also the chairman of the Board of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and President of Aliyah Institute in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.

​Under Mr. Tamir’s supervision and guidance, Tamir Law Group has established itself as a successful boutique firm advocating on its clients’ behalf in both State and Federal Courts.


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