Do You Have Seasonal Affective Disorder?

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What they can say:

    • This problem is real and not having early morning sun could be a big problem.
    • SAD is an environmentally based disorder where the changes in season (and amount of lightness) affects your mood.
    • Possible solutions? more sunlight, vitamin D, light therapy (get a “lightbox”), mind-body connection (yoga, meditation), psychotherapy.
    • It might surprise some that Chiropractic helps lessen depression and improve quality of life.
    • Often when the weather gets cooler (and less light), people are out less. Intend to socialize more, make plans, get out and get social support.
    • SAD is more than just “winter blues.” It is actual depression that can interfere with daily functioning.
    • Though more common in women, depression looks different in men and women, as well as children. Look out for irritability, loss of interest in daily activities, increase/decreased sleep or eating, loss of energy


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