Going Digital: The Millennials Choice for Last-Minute Shopping

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Trae Bodge (“True Trae”) is a national shopping expert, brand strategist, and lifestyle journalist sharing smart shopping tips with consumers on TV, radio, & online publications.

Trae Bodge can offer some terrific last-minute gift ideas as well as talk about how the millennials are doing their smart shopping this year.

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Millennials & Digital Gift Giving:

Because of the pandemic everything surrounding the holiday season will be unlike anything any of us have experienced before. Although millions of people enjoy in-person shopping, not only is it less safe this year because of the pandemic, we are literally running out of time to get our gifts out. We are in the middle of Hanukkah and Christmas is right around the corner. It would be a smart choice to avoid the frenzy altogether, keep safe—and get our gifts to the people we care about on time. Millennials are instead opting for digital gift giving:

  • Technology is everyone’s best friend this year. Digital payment services have become mainstream (i.e. Zelle, Apple Wallet, Venmo, etc.), and more people utilize online wallets instead of physical wallets, so too will they do so with the gifting and reward space—seeing the same ease of use and secure benefits in giving and receiving gift cards.
  • Many of us will not be seeing loved ones this holiday season and need shopping solutions
  • Some parts of the country will be experiencing a nor’easter, which will prove to be an additional challenge to the shipping industry.
  • Avoid risking panic and disappointment by simply opting for gifts that don’t have to be shipped at all. 
  • According to a recent survey report, 71% of consumers are more interested in digital gifting as opposed to other gifts. 
  • Due to both COVID and convenience, people aren’t going out and shopping as much and prefer digital gifting options.
All bets are off in getting your gifts to loved ones this year through traditional shipping.


Interview: Trae Bodge

Trae Bodge is a smart retail expert with a passion for helping people save money and get the best value from their purchases. Trae is a super saavy shopper with a love for thrift stores, modern art, good food, and exploring new places. When she’s not helping the masses find the best deals out there, she’s hanging with her 14-year-old daughter, Sadie Mae and her husband, Chris. See why True Trae is the consumer’s best friend. Happy Shopping!

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