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Mat Jacobson is the Founder & CEO of the Ducere Global Business School, and as a thought leader on innovation within education, is creating some of the industry’s most innovative educational platforms and projects. He is a regular media contributor on topics of business, innovation and entrepreneurship, and has appeared in articles including Wealth Creator, Marketing Magazine, Business First, Smart Magazine, Start-Up Smart and Business Builders.

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Graduating From College, Debt-Free:

    • The US college system is plagued by soaring tuition and crippling student debt. The problems have been talked about, written about, and complained about for decades. But as we head into 2021, tuition has only become more expensive.

    • Although the US is the world leader in concepts of freedom, liberty, free expression, and free markets, ironically the US higher education can be categorized as one of the most rigid, inflexible education systems in the world
    • US Barrier 1: Time: A typical US bachelor degree takes 5-6 years. In most of the developed world a degree typically takes 3 years. In the UK accelerated options can even be done in 2 years. 
    • US Barrier 2:  Gen Ed: General Education is a fabulous model of a broad liberal arts education that benefits many students. Unfortunately however, it does not serve all students. Forcing students to take a rigidly prescribed list of general subjects over years, like foreign language, maths, history, sciences, although noble in intention, results in almost 40M students dropping out of college by being forced to take subjects they have no interest in.
    • British university degrees (the initial model of education for all US Colleges) offer faster, specialized degrees for 90% lower tuition than average US college costs. Completing a bachelors or an MBA for as little as $14,000 total. Yes total not per year. Students can now graduate from a  world class public university with no debt. 


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Interview: Mat Jacobson

Mat Jacobson is Founder of the Ducere Global Business School, which has been recognized by the State of California, the US Congress as well as numerous global awards for transforming access to higher education. He is a global leader in disrupting the education sector, and has founded three education startups (The prior two were ultimately sold to publicly listed companies.).

As the founder of Ducere, Jacobson, together with hundreds of world leaders ranging from Presidents to heads of the UN and CIA and global companies, are transforming education to overcome systemic barriers to be relevant, applied, affordable, and accessible.

Jacobson is also a keynote speaker and has given talks on education innovation from Harvard University to European governments.

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