Moving In Together

As a conflict resolution expert, Barkes deal with this type of question weekly.  Here are the top four problems:

1) Expectations – What are each person’s specific expectations about this process.  Who will be responsible for what? How will bills be managed? What cleanliness standard is acceptable, etc.

2) Boundary Management – What is off limits?  What do we have to report to each other about our timelines?

3) Relationship Goals – Who are we to each other now?  What if anything changes?

4) Process Goals – How will things be done?  Dishes, laundry, yard work, etc.

Solutions:  Time to adjust. Patience and COMMUNICATION.  Specifically META Communication – communication about communication.

Our brains like a happy medium between predictability and surprise.  Maintaining both is super important to happiness.


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Carol Barkes is a trend-setting mediator, business executive and educator specializing in the use of neuroscience to improve business performance, interpersonal communications, negotiation and conflict resolution processes for optimally successful results.


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