401k Investments Amid the Current Coronavirus Crisis

Interview Kathleen E. Owings.

Financial Advisor, Kathleen Owings can discuss the topic of how to go about finding and hiring the right financial planner for your individual or family needs.

Some Key Talking Points From Kathleen Owings
on 401k Investments Amid the Current Coronavirus Crisis:

It is completely normal to feel nervous and less than secure sometimes when it comes to our investments—especially when the country (even the world) seems to operating on shaky grounds. But even though we are experiencing some major market volatility amid the Coronavirus, here’s some helpful, solid advice when it comes to long-term investments like your 401k:

  • Investors should remain calm and not make any rash decisions about their investments in the midst of these market movements.

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Planning Wisely for the Possibility of a Recession

Kathleen Owings, a Financial Advisor and Principal Owners of Westbilt Financial Group, has had first-hand experience of living through a recession at a young age—all the more for making her the wise and successful asset manager she is today.
Talking points that Kathleen Owings can expand 

on her experience of living through a recession:

  • During the summer, some financial analysts predicted a 50/50 chance of America falling into a recession. Over the last couple of weeks, tensions have eased to around 25%. Preparation and protection is essential in the unfortunate possibility of a recession.


  • I have lived through two recessions in my adult lifetime: the Dot-Com Bubble Bust of 2001 and the Great Recession of 2008-2009.