What Is an Estate Plan and Why Do You Need One?

Available for Interviews: Jason Smith

Jason Smith, Esq. is an estate planning attorney and elder planning attorney and serves clients in Greenwich, CT and Manhattan, NY.

What Jason Smith Can Say in an Interview on Estate Plans:

    • An estate plan is a plan for administering and disposing of your assets during your incapacity and after your death.
    • An estate plan includes the designation of fiduciaries, including your executor, trustees and/or guardian for your minor children. 

    • An estate plan designates guardians for your minor children.
    • An estate plan provides for a health care representative who is authorized to make medical decisions for you while you are incompacitated, including your advanced directives for what treatments or healthcare should be provided or withheld in the event you are terminally ill, permanently unconscious or incapacitated.
    • It also provides for a designation of a power of attorney who is authorized to step into your shoes financially and manage your financial affairs within the boundaries you establish.
    • It may also include instructions for the custody and disposition of your bodily remains after your death. 
    • Everyone needs all of these things regardless of how much money they have or whether they are married or have children.

Interview: Jason Smith

Jason Smith, Esq., founded his firm in 2018 in order to deliver concierge-level service to an exclusive clientele in Greenwich and Manhattan, based on the guiding principal that clients deserve “better.” His approach is shaped by close client relationships and well-rounded professional experience in trusts and estates, civil litigation and business consulting, and aims to consistently provide his clients with excellent, thoughtful, tailored legal services and earn his clients’ trust, respect and continued business.

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