What You Need to Know (When Placing a Loved One in a Facility)

Available for Interviews:  Martha Jo Patterson

Martha Jo Patterson is a Certified Elder Law Attorney and is passionate about helping the elderly, disabled, as well as families who have special challenges both in taking care of their loved ones and managing legal matters.

What Martha Jo Patterson can say in an interview about
elder care and the need to place a loved one in a facilty:

1.  Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits may be available to help pay for a facility.

2.  An Elder Law Attorney in your area who understands Medicaid and Veteran’s benefits can help you qualify for these benefits.

3.The benefits available can vary county by county and state by state. Often people don’t even try to get help because they were misinformed by someone who did not know the rules for qualifying,  or that there was a program uniquely available in a particular location.

4. If you don’t need care today, there may be some long-term care “use it or lose it” options available to help you pay for it all.

4. Planning for the caregiving journey requires a team approach—the family, the lawyer, the financial planner, and a care coordinator.


Available for Interviews: Martha Jo Patterson

Martha Jo Patterson, is a Certified Elder Law Attorney and specializes in estate planning, trust and probate law, wills, trusts, probate, long term care, Medi-Cal, asset protection, and veteran’s benefits. Patterson is a member of NAELA and past president of Southern California NAELA, and is the author of The Nursing Home Dilemma: A Consumer’s Guide to Protecting Your Loved Ones While Preserving Your Assets.

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