Crypto Goes Green for Earth Day (Tokens = Carbon Credits)

With larger institutional and corporate investors now flooding into the crypto market, it’s become imperative that crypto cleans up it’s act of huge energy use and emissions (often from Chinese coal plants!).

Now a Brazilian company helmed by a Stanford and Credit Suisse alum, MOSS, is poised to change the dynamic with their MCO2 token that lets crypto investors clean up their carbon acts by buying and burning their token.

Each token is worth one carbon credit that takes 1 ton of CO2 out of the air. MOSS uses the money from selling the credits/tokens on impactful projects to save the Amazon, the lungs of the world! And they are sponsoring and carbon neutralizing one of the world’s most popular soccer/futbol teams, Rio’s Flamengo to celebrate! Their logo will be on the team’s socks, so they are covering their carbon and real footprints!

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Luis Felipe Adaime
Co-founder and CEO

BIO: Luis worked from 2012 to 2019 as the portfolio manager and partner for Latam equities long only funds at Newfoundland Capital Management. While at Newfoundland, Luis created the largest Latam ex-Brazil fund in the region for US and Canada endowments and pension funds, and the largest local equities fund in Argentina. Previously, he was a Managing Director of York Capital Management, working as a Portfolio Manager for the firm’s investments in Latin America. Prior to York, Luis was a Partner at BRZ, a Brazilian hedge fund, working as a commodities Analyst and Portfolio Manager for both their value and long/short funds. Luis began his career working as a Latin American financial institutions Research Associate at Credit Suisse and later moved to the bank’s proprietary desk in São Paulo. Luis holds a B.Sc. in Management Science and Engineering with minor in Economics from Stanford University and graduated cum laude from Phillips Academy, Andover. He is a native of Brazil and is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.


What Luis Felipe Adaime can talk about in an interview:

  • He’s happy to explain how carbon credits work
  • He can also explain how crypto works/what NFTs are/why larger investors (Elon++) are coming into the space
  • Why the crypto sector really needs carbon credits
  • He can talk about what is happening in the Amazon and how MOSS tokens help there
  • He can talk about their deal with Flamengo and how they’ll be helping the club become carbon neutral in travel and stadium energy use

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