How to Have a Happy Marriage

Available for Interviews: Roger Hall

Dr. Roger Hall has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is an Executive Coach to entrepreneurs and leaders, and is an in-demand public speaker throughout North America.

What Dr. Hall can say in an interview on Relationships:

  • With a 54% divorce rate, people begin to worry about the quality of marriage in the world today. After learning from leading marriage expert John Gottman, I learned that I would be surprised if 54% of the marriages didn’t end in divorce.

  • What I’ve learned from my experience in working with couples is that in order to have a happy marriage you need to have 4 things working at the same time:
1 – A happy husband.
2 – A happy husband working on a happy marriage.
3 – A happy wife.
4 – A happy wife working on a happy marriage.

If any of those variables is in the “ off “ position you will not have a happy marriage. if you have an unhappy husband working on a happy marriage with a happy wife who is also working on a happy marriage their marriage won’t be happy because he’s not happy. The same is true for the wife.

The same is true if you have a happy husband and a happy wife and a happy wife working on a happy marriage but the husband doesn’t really care about the marriage period if you keep this in mind you’ll see that marriage especially a happy marriage is a hard thing to have.


Focus on what you can do. If you are a husband focus on being a happy husband. if you’re a husband focus on being a happy husband who is working to have a happy marriage. The same is true for the wives.


Interview: Roger Hall

Roger Hall a business psychologist, executive coach, national speaker and author of Staying Happy Being Productive: The Big 10 Things Successful People Do and Expedition. He trains entrepreneurs, professionals, and business leaders to monitor and manage their thinking for peak performance.

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