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Available for Interviews: Zaki Tamir

Zaki Issac Tamir, Esq., is an international lawyer the founder and managing partner of Tamir Law Group, practicing law in commercial and civil ligation, family law, and business/corporate legal counseling.

What Zaki Tamir can say in an interview about
The Supreme Court’s recent rulings:

Roe v. wade

    • What is so interesting to me about the decision by the USSC is how many people misinterpret the decision. The decision is one that grants rights to the states it does not take away rights. The states were promised early on that the federal government would not take away the state jurisdiction. That is why we see that in the court system the state courts are called the “courts of general jurisdiction” because they have, by virtue of the USC, jurisdiction over every single matter, automatically. It is the Federal court that must search to find and confirm an appropriate avenue of the jurisdiction in order to handle a case (like diversity jurisdiction from state to state + over 75k/ or under the interstate commerce clause).

    • The people of each state have the right (under the new ruling) to vote about how a particular state should treat abortion. Even if it is “wrong” to many, the thing about freedom, the majority rules. And the many colors of our society favor tolerance maybe more than trying to force rights that a particular state might not consider a right but an imposition. Should the federal government be permitted to add on constitutional provisions without consideration of its commitment to the states? Would it not negatively impact the rights of the people and the voters?!
    • It will be very interesting to see how this ruling will impact the behavior of people and where people decide to live. And will, the influx of people from NY moving to Florida, cause Florida to become more liberal? Who knows? But … G-d

Gun laws

    • I actually did one application for a gun for a client in NYC, actually, it was a renewal of a carry license that had expired. It literally came to a point where it was simply impossible for a legitimate person to get a carry license. The interviewer told my client that it was not enough that he owns a check cashing biz and that s/o attempted to mug him, she said generally she would like to see a person getting “robbed at least twice”!!! to recognize the necessity to carry.
    • Indeed that is the only thing that the ruling addressed namely making a constitutional right reasonably attainable.
And just to prove that this is not a political position
but a legal one . . .

Miranda Laws

    • Now a defendant in a criminal case cannot sue a police officer for disclosing a statement made by the defendant in a case where the cop failed to read the Miranda warnings in advance to the statement
    • I do not like the ruling because it will allow the cops and the DA to be fast and loose in court and “slip” with statements of the defendant that were solicited unfairly and without Miranda warnings.
    • But the issue is not about the suit versus the cop, the issue actually is about defining the parameters of the constitutional right.
    • The new ruling says that society has conflated the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, etc. . .  with the cop being required to read the rights to you. The USC does Not require the reading of the rights as a constitutional right.
    • The state constitution does require it.. anyway, even though I do not think that this ruling will cause good, I do understand it to be an important ruling in the interpretation of the US Constitution.


Interview: Zaki Tamir

Zaki Tamir, Esq., is the founder and managing partner of Tamir Law Group.

Upon graduation from law school in 2004, Mr. Tamir began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, NY, where he tried many complex felony trials. He resigned from his position at the DA in 2009 to open the Tamir Law Group.

Since entering private practice, Mr. Tamir has expanded his practice to include commercial and civil litigation, family law, and business/corporate legal counseling. He also continues to specialize in complex criminal matters from DUIs to homicides.

Tamir is also the chairman of the Board of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and President of Aliyah Institute in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.

​Under Mr. Tamir’s supervision and guidance, Tamir Law Group has established itself as a successful boutique firm advocating on its clients’ behalf in both State and Federal Courts.


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