Supreme Court Decisions – Lawyer Breaks it Down

Available for Interviews: Zaki Tamir

Zaki Issac Tamir, Esq., is an international lawyer the founder and managing partner of Tamir Law Group, practicing law in commercial and civil ligation, family law, and business/corporate legal counseling.

What Zaki Tamir can say in an interview about
The Supreme Court’s recent rulings:

Roe v. wade

    • What is so interesting to me about the decision by the USSC is how many people misinterpret the decision. The decision is one that grants rights to the states it does not take away rights. The states were promised early on that the federal government would not take away the state jurisdiction. That is why we see that in the court system the state courts are called the “courts of general jurisdiction” because they have, by virtue of the USC, jurisdiction over every single matter, automatically. It is the Federal court that must search to find and confirm an appropriate avenue of the jurisdiction in order to handle a case (like diversity jurisdiction from state to state + over 75k/ or under the interstate commerce clause).

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Alzheimers and Estate Planning: What Everyone Needs to Know

Alzheimers disease can affect any family. Unfortunately, not making some estate planning decisions while your family member is still coherent, can be real trouble.

Jason Smith, Estate planning attorney and Elder planning attorney is available to talk about this story.  (Bio)

What Jason Smith Can Say in an Interview:

Will a Robot Takeover Your Job?

Interview Phil Crowley.

Philip P. Crowley, is a dedicated attorney who has been handling legal matters for pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical devices, information technology and other technology companies for over 30 years. He has also spent nearly 25 years on the board of trustees of the Stevens Institute of Technology, with substantial involvement in the oversight of academic innovation and entrepreneurship.

What Phil Crowley Can Say on This Topic:

  • If you think your industry is immune . . . you’re wrong.
  • Every year there are more and more robots taking traditional jobs.
  • The capability is there to have a bot write a news article about this topic. It’s already a wordpress plug-in for websites.  But… will it be as good as a human?  Algorithms fall short.

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