The Real Truth About PMS and How to End It

Available for Interviews: Dr. Eldred Taylor

Interview Dr. Eldred Taylor to answer all of your women’s health questions regarding hormonal imbalances and how to correct them. Dr. Taylor is a leader in the hormone industry and is passionate about helping women while using a holistic functional medicine approach.

Talking Points for an Interview with Dr. Taylor
on Premenstrual Syndrome

What Exactly is PMS?

  • PMS is a condition that affects over 80% of women in the United States, but is undiagnosed by most physicians

  • Most physicians recognize 5% of women who suffer from severe PMS

  • Severe depression, irritability, and mood swings during the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle can interfere with a woman’s ability to function at home and work. 

  • The cost of this interference can mean career difficulties, loss of income, diminished parenting abilities, and troubled relationships with spouses, and other social acquaintances. 
  • The other 75% of women go undiagnosed by the medical establishment.

How Can One End PMS?

  • Hormone balance can relieve PMS, menopause, andropause (male menopause)
  • Bioidentical hormones are plant-based compounds formulated in a laboratory to be identical to those which the body makes naturally

Dr. Eldred Taylor, MD


Available for Interviews: Dr. Eldred Taylor

Dr. Eldred Taylor , MD, is an expert in functional and anti-aging medicine and is President of the American Functional Medicine Association, a nonprofit which educates healthcare providers and the public on functional (wellness) medicine. He is the co-author of Are Your Hormones Making You Sick? and The Stress Connection. Dr. Taylor is also a sought-after radio and television personality who has been featured in local and national publications. 

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