Back to School and Your Money

Interview Kathleen Owings.

Financial Advisor, Kathleen Owings  says Back-to-School time is the perfect time for a financial reset. It’s when our schedules get back to normal and great time to get your finances back in order.

What Kathleen can say in an interview:

  • This is a great time to look at family finances
  • This is a good time to figure out your family budget. Most people don’t know what their monthly number they need to hit is

  • This is a good time for a reset on summer excess spending
  • Holidays are just around the corner. This will set people up for success
  • Timing—using this as a reason to look at expenses and talk about money with your kids
  • Parents spend more school related money than they ever have—computers, iPads, calculators, phones, etc.

Available for Interviews: Kathleen Ownings.

Kathleen E. Owings was named one of the 4 Under 40 in 2018, a prestigious award given by the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors to only four young advisors in the country. Kathleen manages assets for individuals, families, and businesses to the highest standards of fiduciary duty.

Jo Allison
PR Managing Editor
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