Can Meditation Actually Help Your Fitness Goals?

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Raphael Velazquez, NSCA CSCS, is the founder of VELA, and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, celebrity trainer, and body transformation expert. He is also the author of Core Fitness: Your Best Shape, Looking and Feeling Great.

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Meditation and Fitness:

    • Meditation reduces anxiety & stress. Meditation helps get your parasympathetic nervous system firing. This is what helps us recover from stress. The parasympathetic nervous system is known as the “rest and digest” system. With meditation, you’ll be able to decrease your bp, heart rate which in turn will help you recover in between exercise sets and workout days.

    • Meditation makes you present. Meditation helps to focus and redirect your train of thought. With practice and patience, this will help you be present with where you are, how you’re feeling, what you’re doing and what you should be doing to help you get the best result/s for your fitness goals. 
    • Meditation helps you focus on your breathing mechanics to help during workouts. Breathing properly is important all the time. It is a point I like to emphasize when working with clients. We’ve become a species of chest breathers when we should be using the diaphragm to breathe properly. Breathing well while working out will allow you to brace properly when lifting challenging weight, help you recover in between sets and challenging exercises/circuits, and help you push your limits when doing aerobic-based activities. 
    • Meditation is a great cool-down finisher after your workout/ stretch. After a great workout, you can either be amped up, wiped, or somewhere in between. Meditation is a great way to get your body and mind in a calm state (homeostasis) to help you shift your attention/energy to your next task. May that be returning back to work, going to eat with the family, or whatever else you may have going on. It’s important that you show up with an even keel state of mind to approach whatever is going to come at you next.
    • Meditate before your workout (whether at home or at the gym). Meditating before your workout will help you with efficiency, being alert, calm, and ready to execute what you have to do next. Just as you would meditate at the end of the workout, in the beginning, you’re doing so to prepare yourself for what’s to come. With a solid plan and grounded state of mind, rest, and proper nutrition, you will attain your fitness goals sooner rather than later.


Interview: Raphael Velazquez

Raphael Velazquez, NSCA CSCS, is the founder of VELA, and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, celebrity trainer, and body transformation expert. He has built an unparalleled rapport within the fitness and entertainment industry. With years of experience in sculpting and transforming physiques and minds, Raphael formulates and implements techniques catered to the specific goals and needs of each of his clients. Best known for his work in strength and conditioning, Raphael possesses the expertise and professionalism needed to successfully meet demands and sculpt bodies and minds, while coaching his clients to fully embody their best lives. Raphael’s style is evident in the results you see in his clients, his physique is equally important. Recently featured in the Equinox “Impossible Happens” campaign, Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, and Good Morning America with Brooke Burke.

Raphael also has a B.S. in exercise physiology, and in addition to training celebrities, entrepreneurs, and everyday people, he is a motivational speaker, a passionate advocate for the youth being a member of Mastermind Connect, and is devoted to serving others along their journey.

Raphael comes from a Dominican household. As a first-generation American, Raphael looks to be an example to inspire other first-generation Americans to go for their dreams and make them a reality based on one’s circumstances, resources, resiliency, creativity & grit.

Core Fitness: Your Best Shape, Looking and Feeling Great!

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