How Debt Can Save a Marriage (Instead of Destroying It)

Interview:  Michael Taggart


      • According to a MagnifyMoney survey in 2017 of divorced couples, money problems were stated to be the cause for 21% of divorces.

      • On the flip side, a Dave Ramsey survey in 2018 found that 96% of couples that said they have a “great” marriage discuss their money dreams with their spouse.

      • The most important thing for a couple in debt is to dream about what they would like their future life to be when they are out of debt. Don’t get caught up in “what” to do, enjoy time together focusing on what a better life for your family will look and feel like.

      • Ask each other, “What would you love to do if we didn’t have any debt payments?”

      • These discussions about your dreams will ultimately lead you to a strong “why” for getting out of debt and solving your money problems. Once you have the “why,” the “what” suddenly becomes very easy.

      • Couples that do this end up strengthening their marriage, even in the face of a negative financial situation. They bond together through a tough time and grow closer as they get out of it.

      • Following the 4-step C.A.R.E. method gives couples the tools and plan to break free of the dangers debt can pose to a marriage and get on the road to a debt free future.

Following the 4-step C.A.R.E. method gives people the tools and plan to break free of the credit card debt traps and get on the road to a debt free future.


Available for Interviews: Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart is the co-founder of, author of “Goodbye Debt, Hello Future,” and has been helping people get relief from debt and avoid bankruptcy for over a decade. In 2018 alone, he helped 321,611 people with plans for how to overcome $10,008,814,180.00 in debt. He is a devoted husband and father that is passionate about helping people and families create a better financial future for themselves.

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